“A Little Kindness Will Do…”

“A Little Kindness Will Do…”

“Put on therefore, as the elect of God, holy and beloved, bowels of mercies, kindness, humbleness of mind, meekness, longsuffering” (Colossians 3:12 KJV)

Today’s blog has three points…Times when we need a little kindness in our life from others …Times when we are the one who gives kindness to others…and possessing the knowledge that Jesus is always our supreme “Kindness Giver.”

Have you ever just needed a little kindness in your rather busy day or schedule?  Just someone who comes along and sincerely asks,  “How are you?” And, takes the time to actually listen!  Perhaps, a phone call from an old friend who shows interest in your life?  A minute in time when someone  is NOT wanting or needing anything in return; just a warm-hearted person offering a kind, gentle smile or words of encouragement?  Of course, the answer is “Yes,” with a capital “Y!”  We all need these special moments in our lives.

But, what happens when we DON’T have that special “someone” who calls us out of the blue or shows a particular interest in our well-being?  What happens when we are going through a tough time, or feeling lonely, or over-whelmed with activities, or misunderstood and no one around us seems to “pick-up” on our “drowning” signals?  Those more difficult times in our life when we seek out “kindness,” but instead receive a cold-uncaring shoulder of negativity… Ouch!!  Well, anchor down my friend…because these times do come into ALL of our lives….I call them my “Garden of  Gethsemane” moments.  Times when only “closet-prayer” with Jesus can help.

When we study the life of Jesus Christ, we learn that at the most difficult, sorrowful, and harshest time in his earthly life, he was left alone.  His closest friends and disciples “slept” while he agonized in prayer to His Heavenly Father for strength and endurance.  Triumphantly, God answered Jesus’ “Garden of Gethsemane” prayers as He was empowered to complete and fulfill the “purpose” of His coming to earth; to redeem the loss and dying world through his victorious life, death, burial, and grand resurrection.  Just like Jesus, we can find strength and empowerment to make it through our tough and “lonely” times as well.

It is true….God created us to interact one with another…As the old adage says, “No man is an island unto himself.”  We all need to show and to receive kindness…Even “A LITTLE KINDNESS WILL DO” at times.  But, there are times when we will find ourselves alone and facing things on our own…Today, you may be in need of a friend who will show you kindness, support, and mercy.  You need not look any further than your “Garden of Gethsemane” prayer-closet.  God will meet you there.  You are NOT alone.  He always has the time to give you a warm and friendly spiritual hug.  His mercies “renew” every morning and He is just waiting to share them with you….

On the other hand, you could be that one person put in a position to show and demonstrate kindness to another in need…On yesterday, while shopping at the grocery store, I noticed a lady having difficulties bending down to pick up an item from a lower shelf.  Having been a back-surgery patient myself, I could relate.  So, I walked over and offered to assist.  She was very grateful.  She shared with me that she was in the midst of making a decision on whether or not to have surgery on the lumbar region of her back.  I quickly told her how happy and relieved I was after my back-surgery and would highly recommend it if she had confidence in her surgeon.  After exchanging a few details, she asked for the name of my doctor to make an appointment with him for a second opinion.  She seemed sincerely grateful for our “chance” meeting.  Knowing that my orthopedic doctor is a devout Christian man and a very gifted, skilled surgeon, I know she will be in good hands.  My “little act of kindness” may bring future relief and recovery to a complete stranger…We just never know!  Even though our brief encounter may have been “unplanned” and taken up some of my time, showing a little kindness is something our society needs a whole lot more!!

I hope you will receive a little “kindness” in your busy life today from someone, or you may be the one who shows kindness.  Either way, “A Little Kindness Will Do.”  Whether you “give” or “receive” kindness…you should feel a little better!

However, don’t dismay if you find yourself alone today.  Kindness is still on your horizon… God is a prayer-beat away.  Take a moment to create your own “Garden of Gethsemane” prayer-closet where you can meet one-on-one with God and pour out your heart’s hidden secrets unto him…He is a KIND friend who loves 24/7 and is always willing to show “Kindness” to his children.  Amen.

Put on therefore, as the elect of God, holy and beloved, bowels of mercies…kindness.

Remember, God Loves You!

Lin T. Rollins, Author


A Whole New Day

A Whole New Day

“Boast not thyself of tomorrow; for thou knowest not what a day may bring forth.”

Proverbs 27:1 KJV

Good Lord willing and the creeks don’t rise….”  Have you ever heard that old saying before?  If you are from the South you  have!  As human beings we make plans.  Honestly, our modern-day society loves the idea of planning!  At times, it seems we are obsessed with planning out our lives…Plans for tomorrow.  Plans for the week.  Plans for the month.  Plans for the year.  Even, a five-year or ten-year plan.  We are all about making plans!

Yet, God warns us NOT to “boast” ourselves of tomorrow, because only God holds tomorrow and knows what lies ahead for each of us.    Mind you, I’m not saying that we should live an impromptu life-style bouncing here and there as circumstances dictate.  But, we need to be reasonable and know that the most well-made plans of a human can easily be disrupted and changed in a twinkling of an eye.  We sometimes call them “detours” or “roadblocks” within our lives.

Just let me say this.  If you don’t learn to “roll-with-the-flow” at times in your life…you are in for some heavy disappointments and sorrows!  No person’s plans are 100% right on target.  You’re lucky if they are 20% on target!!  As a matter of fact, most experts will tell you that “detours” and “roadblocks” to our own plans usually lead us to a more productive and prosperous path!  Detour anyone!?

There was a time in my life when I did NOT like change.  I liked things on schedule…in order… as expected…Well, my little “wants” and “wishes” certainly got interrupted and changed!  For years and years my life was nothing but rapidly moving change…from one “change” to another!  Switching directions…Switching gears…Switching mindsets…There were times when “things” (happenings and events) were so turbulent and knee-deep in “change” that I wasn’t sure if Tuesday still came after Monday!  If God showed me anything…He showed me to “expect” the “unexpected!”  During the process, He taught me NOT to be so afraid of “change.”  After all, it may have been “change” to me, but it was NOT a “change” in policy for HIM!  God knows the beginning from the ending, so there is no “unexpected” change for Him!

I had to learn that…just as so many others learn.  It’s all a part of building a “Greater Faith” in God….Now a days, I tend to smile when a new direction or change comes into my life…After all, I have learned that I am NOT the one sailing the ship;  God is!  He’s my Captain and He knows exactly where to sail and when to touch ground.

Today, you may be facing prior plans that are not working out as you had hoped, or you may be having your daily planner disrupted.  If so, take a deep breath, blow it out…and let God be your guide and the Captain of your Salvation… Let His leading bring PEACE into your heart…The best words of advice are these:  Make your plans the best that you know how…But, leave the end results in God’s hands.  He may have a different and even a better plan for you!

Remember, God Loves You!

Lin T. Rollins, Author

Building a Greater Faith

Building a Greater Faith

For in the time of trouble God shall hide me in His pavilion: in the secret of His tabernacle shall He hide me; He shall set me up upon a rock.” Psalm 27:5 KJV

If anyone ever experienced trials and storms of various types and magnitudes, King David of Israel did.  King David sought a Great Faith…I believe this is why so many Christians turn to the Book of Psalms to steady our course when we, too, are engaged in “spiritual warfare” or facing “storms” within our own lives that require a Greater Faith.

The Psalmist, King David, spoke so plainly, earnestly, and honestly as he sought out God’s instructions, defense, and protection against his enemies and the many perils of life.  King David’s CIA, FBI, Advisory Board, and Homeland Security were none other than God himself!  What Faith!  What Greater Faith!

Today, you may be in need of a Greater Faith as you face trials and struggles within your life. Building FAITH is somewhat like building a structure…it typically doesn’t “go up” overnight!  There are many phases in construction work….The foundation must first be poured, outer walls erected, outer ceilings built, inner walls, electricity, plumbing, flooring, inner ceilings, doors, windows, cabinetry, and finally the finish touches… A lot of long and hard work!  Each phase of construction requiring tedious attention, effort, and time…The same goes with “Building a Greater Faith.”  Just as the construction foreman and skilled laborers cannot get impatient with the different phases of constructing an earthly building, Christians need not get impatience with God as He constructs the various phases of our faith!  For one day, our faith will stand as a testimony of GREATER FAITH for all the world to see!

Nonetheless, I know, all too well, that we can become quite impatient with ourselves and with God in the process of building our faith into a Greater Faith….At times, it seems that we can take two baby-steps forward then, all of a sudden, we are taking three giant steps backwards!! We want a Greater Faith.  We desire a deeper faith, but we want it  “overnight!”

Sadly, we have been programmed to have our needs and wants met instantly; at our beckon call…But, God doesn’t work that way. At times, it seems that “building a greater faith” is like bumping our heads against a block wall….Nothing seems to be happening!  But, friend, trust me when I say that God is doing a mighty work and He will continue His work all the way through until we reach Heaven!  Building a Greater Faith on planet Earth never stops…It never ends…It develops bigger and greater with each passing day, trial, and storm…  It is a life-long learning and building process.

One common characteristic found among school teachers is a desire to be “life-long learners.”  Building a Greater Faith requires the same mindset….Christians are truly “life-long learners!”  And, by faith, God is our Professor, Tutor, Instructor, Teacher, Principal, Counselor, and Guide!!

Just as King David looked and prayed unto God for his instructions, defense, and protection, we, too, can must look unto God for our instructions, protection, and defense…”Teach me thy way, O LORD, and lead me in a plain path, because of mine enemies.” (vs.11)  All of these experiences coming together to build a GREATER FAITH!

If you are engaged right now in a lenghty process that is Building a Greater Faith, Rejoice my child; Rejoice! “Knowing this, that the trying of your faith worketh patience…and patience knowledge….(James 1:3 KJV).   Building a Great Faith in Jesus is well-worth the wait!  Amen.

Remember, God Loves You!

Lin T. Rollins, Author

Boisterous Winds Ahead…

Boisterous Winds Ahead…

“But, when he saw the wind boisterous, he was afraid; and beginning to SINK, he cried, saying, LORD SAVE ME!”  Matthew 14:30 KJV

I want to bring out a couple of points I saw this morning while reading through the Book of Matthew, chapter fourteen.  One might just say that chapter fourteen is a chapter of action, packed-filled with events and happenings, and ending with a strong punch!

The chapter begins with the actions of King Herod and his order to have John the Baptist beheaded.  Upon the news of John the Baptist’s death, Jesus departed by sea to a desert place; however he (Jesus) was followed by a great multitude.  All day long, Jesus healed the sick and gave sight back unto the blind.  Evening came and there wasn’t a Wal-Mart in sight.  At Jesus’ command the disciples had the massive crowd (according to the Bible over five thousand men not counting the women and children…I’d call that a pretty massive crowd, wouldn’t you!) to sit down upon the ground.

I’m not exactly sure how the disciples discovered that “someone” in the crowd had a lunch made up of five loaves of bread and two fishes, the Bible doesn’t tell…but they knew!  Thus, we have the miracle of the “feeding of the five-thousand.”  Amen.  After everyone had eaten and twelve baskets of food were collected for the disciples, Jesus went up into the mountain alone to pray…After the long day described who wouldn’t need time alone to pray!!  Yet, before he left to pray, he sent the multitude away and instructed his disciples to “get into a ship and to go before him unto the other side…” 

I’m now getting to the part that the Spirit showed me this morning!!  “When the evening was come, He (Jesus) was there (in the mountain) alone, But the ship was NOW in the midst of the sea, tossed with waves: for the wind was contrary. And, in the FOURTH watch of the NIGHT Jesus went unto them, walking on the sea.”

Did you see that?!  At first, Jesus was alone in the mountain in the “EVENING.”  Let’s say between 5PM to 7PM.  Scripture states that the ship was NOW (Already) being tossed by the contrary winds (evening storm).  Mmmm…But, it wasn’t until the “Fourth watch” (the last watch of the night around 3:AM) when Jesus walked upon the waters to the tossed ship and its crew of disciples.  If we put “evening” as being somewhere between 5PM to 7PM and the “fourth watch” around 3AM, the disciples had been enduring the boisterous winds for nearly ten hours before Jesus arrived on the scene!

As “fearful” humans, we often want Jesus to “arrive” on the scene as soon as we hear the first clap of thunder indicating a brewing storm in our lives.  But, Scriptures do not indicate that Jesus rescues us from “thunder!’  As a matter of fact, chapter fourteen teaches us that one of Jesus’ disciples, Peter, bids (seeks permission) to come unto Jesus upon the water….Thus we have the miracle of Peter Walking on the Water…But, we also have the miracle of Jesus recusing Peter from the waters when he began to SINK!

I feel that Jesus didn’t leave the mountain top as soon as he KNEW the ship containing his disciples was being tossed in the strong winds because he KNEW his disciples were skilled fishermen.  Obviously, in their vocation, they had weathered a few storms in their life time.  The Bible doesn’t mention that the disciples were afraid while in the midst of the storm….UNTIL PETER GOT OUT OF THE BOAT!!!  At that time, Peter needed a GREATER FAITH than his own skills and personal experiences provided!  And, as soon as he had reached the END of his own skills…He CRIED, “LORD SAVE ME!”

At times, we ALL need to reach the END of our own personal skills and experiences to reach a newer, higher Faith in Jesus.  Thus, at times the storms may grow longer and long and more boisterous until we reach the end of our skills and DEPEND fully upon the HAND of GOD!

Today, NOW, you may be in a storm and it seems that Jesus is off somewhere on the mountain praying while you are sailing a boisterous sea.  Jesus will come; HE ALWAYS DOES!  But, he may not come until you have reached the end of your own skills and experiences and fully DEPEND upon GREATER FAITH to calm the sea.  God is working in you a GREATER FAITH!!!  Once Jesus and Peter climbed back into the ship…the boisterous winds ceased and the journey from that point onward was smooth sailing!

My friend, smooth sailing is just up ahead….when Jesus steps on board….Today, you may be approaching the point of realizing you can no longer depend upon your own skills and past experiences to see you through….You are reaching the point of developing a GREATER FAITH to step out of the boat and immediately realize you must CRY ONLY UNTO THE LORD!

Then they that were in the ship came and WORSHIPPED him, saying, Of a TRUTH thou are the Son of God!” (verse 33).  Keep me safe ’til the Storm passes by.”

Remember, God Loves You!

Lin T. Rollins, Author

God Knows Best!

God Knows Best!

“In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.” Genesis 1:1

Who better to know how to run things than the One responsible for creating them?  Yet; time and time again, generation after generation, mankind has unsuccessfully tried to find another way to live without the Creator’s manual (The Holy Bible) or following His instructions.

No one has ever tried to be proven wrong more than God…..Scientific man has tried all throughout the ages to “copy-cat” God’s creative powers with unproven “theories” of their own.  Some “theorists” say man “evolved” from a tadpole…Others say man “evolved” from monkeys…while others say we all came into existence through a “Big Bang” explosion of floating particles…How sadly Foolish…Foolish…Foolish! All of man’s thoughts “excluding” God are foolish!

“Someone” had to create the “tadpole”…someone had to create the “monkey”…and someone had to create the “dust” particles that randomly and mysteriously exploded!  However, for those of us who believe in God, we know who created each; and who created ALL!… Simple…Life made simple….Creation made simple…Science made simple…GOD!

As a child, I used to enjoy watching a television program called, “Father Knows Best.”  Ah…sweet memories of a more innocent time in television when the “parents” were honored and respected and not told to “eat my shorts” by some hand-sketched kid riding on a skateboard!  In today’s modern programs parents are made to look silly, ridiculous, and naive’.  Children, especially teens, are the all-knowing, cool ones who have an answer for everything!

No, I’m afraid “Hollywood” has it all wrong…God Knows Best and God has the answer to everything and His answers can be found in His book called the Holy Bible.  Last night, I had the blessed honor and privilege of sitting down and talking to one of my grandsons for nearly two hours about life and God.  I so enjoyed his sharing with me the insights God has been placing into his life; even as a teenager.  I could hear “wisdom” in his voice as he shared his thoughts about life and God.  Oh, I know he will be tried and tested as we all are, but his mom and dad have provided him with a good foundation in the Lord.  I am a very blessed grandmother to have seven grandchildren all of whom have been carried to church on a weekly basis since their birth…A true blessing from God.

In today’s world, it’s hard on teens and young adults to “stand” against the wiles of the world and proclaim that “God Knows Best!  I realize that it’s been hard and difficult in one way or the other for all generations who stand in Faith…But, friend…isn’t it so worth it!! Itsn’t it so worth knowing God the Creator as our personal Lord and Savior through Jesus Christ?!  Yes! Yes! And, Yes!!

Today, in the quiet reccesses of your mind you may be searching for answers.  You may be in need of assurance and added faith in your life.  If so, take the time to seek God; for in doing so you will be going to the right source; the true source; the only source worth finding!  God is the answer…God Knows Best!

Remember, God Loves You!

Lin T. Rollins, Author

Let the Redeem Say So!

Let the Redeem of the Lord Say So!

Psalm 107

1O give thanks unto the LORD, for he is good: for his mercy endureth for ever.

2Let the redeemed of the LORD say so, whom he hath redeemed from the hand of the enemy;

Ask yourself this question, “Do you find yourself focusing more upon the “negative” things in life or the “positive?”  If you are like most of us, myself included, we will have to shamefully admit that  we have a tendency to focus more upon the “negative” than the “positive.”  But, the Bible clearly teaches, “Let the redeemed (believers and followers of Christ Jesus) of the LORD say so!”  Wow!  That’s pretty positive…I AM REDEEMED!  Saved by the Blood of Jesus Christ!

We live in a global society that is bombarded twenty-four hours/seven-days-a-week with the “negative,” bad happenings and events that occur around the world.  Most of us can sit for hours and hours watching the same old horrible news played over and over again….Yet; for those of us who have been Redeemed by the Blood of the Lamb we have something to shout about; a testimony of Praise to be shared!

 Sadly, we, as Christians, have allowed our Voices of Praise to be silent for way too long.  We have allowed the “negative” news of the world to dominate our hearts and minds.  However,  it is time that we, as Christians, stand up and proclaim the Good News of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.   Is there a witness in the house!!  It’s time to hold our heads high and testify to the amazing love and mercies of God through his only begotten Son,  Jesus Christ.   For there is NO other way to obtain Salvation except through Jesus Christ…No matter what the news media and soothsayers may say.

Here’s a testimony of good news to share…During my husband’s thirty years of service in the ministry, we were blessed to meet, serve, and pastor so many wonderful people.  We witnessed many lives changed and souls brought to Jesus by the power and mercies of God.  And, I am grateful and thankful to the many people down throughout the years who lifted up our names in prayer on a daily basis.  How truly wonderful…I have seen and experienced amazingly mighty acts of faith and astounding miracles throughout our years of service.  And, I hope to see and witness many more before the second coming of our Lord!  God is good. God is faithful!

For me personally, God’s Love changed my life.  God’s Love changed my direction.  God’s Love changed my final destiny.  God’s Love forever changed my eternal future.  How about your life?  Has God changed your life?  If so…Say so!!

So, today, if you are a Christian, you have a testimony of Praise….Even though you might be facing “negative” things in your life as I write; we all do from time to time, you can still rejoice in the Joys of Salvation….

Instead of  focusing upon the “negative,”  LET THE REDEEMED say so!  Accentuate the “positive” found in Christ Jesus.  Lift up your voice and let it be heard….Jesus Saves! Jesus Saves!


Remember, God Loves You!

Lin T. Rollins, Author

“Great Is Thy Faithfulness”

Great Is Thy Faithfulness”

“Great is thy faithfulness! Morning by morning new mercies I see; All I have needed thy hand hath provided; Great is thy faithfulness, Lord, unto me!”

Amen! Have you ever awakened in the mornings having a song gently singing over and over again inside of your head?  I know I do; very often.  And, this morning I awoke with the lyrics and music to “Great Is Thy Faithfulness” sweetly singing in my head.  It draws me back to my younger days when I attended the First Baptist Church in my hometown.  Oh, what a sweet reminder of Jesus’ faithfulness.

Have you ever considered the vast enormity of time that God has been faithful?  I fear that we see ourselves and perhaps a generation or two behind us and before us without paying too much attention to the authentic numbers of generations for whom God has been steadfast, true, and faithful!

For instance, in the New Testament Book of Matthew, chapter one, verse seventeen, it reads, “So all the generations from Abraham to (King) David are fourteen generations; and from (King) David until the carrying away (the nation of Israel) into Babylon are fourteen generations; and from the carrying away into Babylon unto Jesus Christ are fourteen generations.” 

 The simple product of 3 x’s 14 =’s 42 generations.  Since so many Bible scholars and theologians do not agree on the number of years an exact “biblical” generation refers, I’m not going to delve into the exact number of years.  But, I have studied that a “generation” in the Bible can be described anywhere from forty to fifty-two years.  If we take our current year of 2012 and divide it by a forty- year- generation calculation, then there has been approximately fifty generations since the birth of Christ…. Add our current approximate fifty generations to the forty-two generations back to Abraham…that’s an approximate 92 generations!!  Wow!!

My main point is NOT to pinpoint the number of years in a generation, or the approximate number of generations, but to focus upon and pinpot God’s Faithfulness to ALL generations!!!  “Great Is Thy Faithfulness!”   

 As I mentioned earlier, we engulf and surround ourselves with the concerns and issues of our own generation; or the two or three before and after…Yet, God has been dealing with countless numbers of people and nations throughout ALL generations along with their many, many issues daily encountered and faced!  So, ask yourself this question,  “What makes us think that God cannot handle our situations and issues?”  I mean, it’s not like He hasn’t seen them somewhere down the road before!  The scriptures plainly state:

9What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again;  there is nothing new under the sun. (Ecclesiastes 1:9 NIV)


There are days and times when we need to simply “REST” our little weary minds and allow God to do what HE does best….BE GOD!! I once had a pastor who liked to use this saying, “We, being mortal humans, are like little pick-up trucks trying to carry tantrum truck loads; eventually our tires will go flat!”

Today, let’s pause for a moment to PRAISE GOD FOR HIS FAITHFULNESS TO ALL GENERATIONS… In doing so, it should allow our many worries, anxieties, and concerns to diminish and fade into the background as we experience the loving presence and peace of an all-knowing, loving, and most successful God who orchestrates and conducts our lives.  (Romans 8:28 and Philippians 4:19)

Morning by morning new mercies I see; All I have needed thy hand hath provided; GREAT IS THY FAITHFULNESS unto me!”  

Hope Publishing Co; copyright 1923; T.O. Chisholm (words,) W.M. Runyan (tune)

Today, it is my prayer that you will ENJOY YOUR DAY IN THE LORD and GOD’S FAITHFULNESS!

Remember, God Loves YOU!

Lin T. Rollins, Author