“Anoint My Head With Oil…”

“Anoint My Head With Oil…”

“Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies; thou anointest my head with oil; my cup runneth over.” (Psalm 23:5 KJV)

This morning as I was cooking breakfast for my husband, I happened to notice the three pieces of bread that were toasting in the oven.  The edges of the bread were getting darker and crusty while the middle of the bread, where the butter had been applied, remained a golden brown with a moist, tasty appearance from the melted butter…Yum.

The toasting bread reminded me of a Christian’s life.  How??  Even though the entire slice of bread was baking in the same hot oven, only the edges of the bread where the butter had not been applied turned dark and crusty.  The part of the bread “anointed” with the butter only turned golden and moist.  Do you get it?  Perhaps not; so I’ll try to explain.

Throughout a Christian’s life, we go through numerous storms and trials like being thrown into a hot oven; metaphorically speaking.  As we go through these storms we either turn “darker” and “crusty,” or we become golden-brown and moist (tender) for the Potter’s Hands.

But, how do we remain golden-brown, moist, and tender while facing the fiery ovens (storms) of life?  Answer:  Pretty much the same way as bread when it is placed in a hot oven….The parts of the bread that are spread or covered with the butter (oil) remain soft and golden…. (Compared to life….these areas have been anointed by God’s oil, the Holy Spirit, and remain UNBURNED!)….  Yet; the parts of the bread (remember…comparing the bread to our lives) that have NOT been anointed by God’s oil quickly burn, turn dark, and become crusty! (Some people even like to “cut off” the burnt crust! Ouch!!)

Through the various trials and storms in our lives, we learn which parts of our lives are truly anointed with fresh oil and which parts are lacking; those areas that we need to fully surrender to God.  Lately, through a wide-range of challenges I have learned how to “rely” on God and to have Peace from God that passes all understanding.  How?  I have learned that the “Peace of God” that passes all understanding can actually mean the situation or matter did NOT turn out the way I wanted.  Yet; I find myself contented with the way God allowed it to turn out…according to His will… and not my own.

I believe that many times people feel that they possess “Peace” regarding a matter because the “flesh” has prompted them to “feel” a certain way.  They believe that if a situation or matter turns out the way they “feel” it should go…then, happily it must be God’s will; everyone is happy.  However, when the situation does NOT turn out their way…they get all upset, start pointing fingers, and blame others that “they” were at fault for NOT allowing or following God’s will… (A good lesson to learn is that Feelings are misleading…just because we “feel” it should go a certain way doesn’t necessarily mean that is the way God will go!)

My friend, God’s WILL is typically exactly how a situation turns out whether it is the way we wanted it or not; good or bad!  A good way to know or measure when you have God’s peace dwelling within your life is to see how you “react” when a situation or matter doesn’t go as you had hoped, prayed, or planned.  When you can “deal with,” “process,” and/or  “accept” a situation that has turned out the exact opposite than you may have wanted or prayed while possessing a Spirit of Peace and thankfulness within your heart and mind…Then, you are experiencing a truly “anointed” PEACE that passes all understanding….In other words, your entire “bread of life” has been anointed and there are not “dark” and “crusty” places showing!!  God’s anointing has made you golden and moist for all to see!  Ain’t God Good!

My friend, today you are either going through the “fiery” storms of life turning dark and crusty, or you are going through your storms turning golden and moist for the Master’s use.  Sadly, there have been too many times in my own life when I have come out of a fiery storm feeling crusty and filled with darkness instead of the Light of Christ.  But, as I am getting older and more trusting in God’s Word, as well as desiring His will instead of my own, I am seeing a softer more anointed side of me.  I may be in the “oven-of-life,” but I am seeing more areas of my life covered with His oil!!  Being covered with His oil means that I won’t burn as badly while going through the fiery trials of life!  Oh, Lord…Anointest my head with oil that my cup runneth over!!

So, this morning,  I pray that you are seeking to be fully covered in the oil (Holy Spirit) of God as you face the many “ovens” of fiery trials in your own life.  Don’t be “dark” and “crusty” from the hot ovens of life….Be radiant in the anointing Oil of Jesus.

Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life; and I will dwell in the house of the LORD forever!” Amen.

Remember God Loves You!

Lin T. Rollins, Author


2 thoughts on ““Anoint My Head With Oil…”

  1. Thank you Linda, this article truly touched my heart and met a need. I realy need to read this every day. It is so easy to get caught up in trying to run our lives the way we think they should be and forgetting that we have been “bought with a price” and “we are not our own.” Storms will keep rolling in, but if we let go, and let God have His way we will “weather the storm”. We are to be anxious for nothing…God help me. Love you and love your ministry of encouraging others.

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