“How Fair is Fair?”

How Fair is Fair?”

Stay Away From a Foolish Man, For You Will NOT Find Knowledge On His Lips.

(Proverbs 14:7) NIV

 I was rattled this week…rattled to the core…And, like many of you would be…I didn’t like it one little bit!  I felt violated, infringed upon, belittled, upstaged, and insulted.  Worse yet; the people who made all of this possible don’t have a single clue how their actions affected me.  And, I can’t tell them.  Too much at stake; too much at risk.

So, how do I deal with my anger, frustrations, and boiling need to want to pick up the telephone and tell the whole world how I feel???  I stew inside…Well, that’s what I have done so far….not good for my health… And, I’m only hurting myself while the ones who inflicted this scenario have, no doubt and without a clue, enjoyed a week of merriment and bliss.  Just not Fair…

So,  this morning, I asked myself this question, “How Fair is Fair?”  Suddenly, my mind was bombarded at how truly “UNFAIR” life really is….And, no where in the Bible will you find God apologizing for unfair people, unfair events, or unfair acts of unkindness or personal violations.  However, God does teach us to “forgive” those who have inflicted injustices upon us…But, even more so, He warns and teaches us to “STAY AWAY”  from foolish people who will turn on us in a heartbeat and trample upon our lives!

As a child, we are taught not to touch a hot surface.  An adult figure typically tells us, “No…Hot…No…Hot.”  And, we learn to remove ourselves and stay away from the danger.  However, if we are too “hard-headed” and “stubborn” we will continue to reach for the hot surface until we get hurt…Then, we know from personal experience to stay away!

So, why is it that we do not apply this simple law of physics to our own personal lives when interacting with people who have hurt us time and time again in the past?  Time after time we give these people another opportunity to come into our lives only to be left “burned” again!  Well, today I’m over it.   Surely…God has given me enough sense to recognize features and factors in a person to know to stay away from that person…when and if given the opportunity.   Plainly put….We don’t need “friends” like that; do we?  Life is too short to play games with people’s lives and emotions….Move on…get over it….

This morning, I awoke to a warm bed, running hot water, clothes on my back, and food to eat.  There are countless numbers of infants and older people alike who would love to trade places with me.  I may not have the biggest house on the street, but I have a well-maintained lovely home that is plenty big enough for me and my husband.  I may not drive the finest car available, but I really enjoy my Ford Fusion, and I’m sure there are thousands of people all over the world who either walked to their destinations this morning who would love to drive my car.  I may not have the most expensive hair-dresser in the area, but I love my beautician at Fanstatic Sam’s.  I may not dine with the political high-lights of our time, but I dine with my grandchildren and they are more important to me than someone’s title or economic status.

God doesn’t owe anyone an apology when life doesn’t appear to be fair or the playing field doesn’t appear to be level.   Why??? Because the one thing God did do that IS FAIR to every man, woman, boy, and girl on planet Earth was to die for their sins and transgressions; including mine.  That amazing Fact is amazingly the same for all…regardless of race, creed, financial status, first class, second class, third class, or no class!

Don’t let “fairness” stand in your way of happiness…We have way too many blessing to count to be worried  about such insults within our lives.  Love God, Love His people, and pray fort those who behave in foolish ways and inflict pain into our lives….After all,  GOD DOES SEE AND HEAR ALL….Keep the Faith….Amen.

Remember, God Loves You

Lin T. Rollins, Author


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