Spiritual Resume’

Spiritual Resume’

Whosoever welcomes this child in my name, welcomes me; and whosoever welcomes me, also welcomes the one who sent me.  For he who is least among you all is the greatest.” Luke 9:48

Titles…We all use them; some possess more than others.  Titles can be very helpful within our society.  Without specific titles certain professions or careers would not be available.  Thank goodness for certain titles such as Doctor, Nurse, Fireman, and Policeman. Titles can open doors in many areas of life.  We are a society engulfed with “titles.”

Even Jesus Christ conducted a lesson with his disciples regarding titles…It seemed his disciples were having a dispute among themselves as which one of them would be the greatest in Heaven.  Jesus  quickly stepped into the conversation and silenced them all by saying, “For he who is least among you all is the greatest.” (Luke 9:48).   Wow! Can you imagine the dropped heads in that group! God has a way of humbling us when needed!

However, I am always greatly impressed when I learn that someone whom I have known for years, perhaps decades, is a decorated war hero or once held a powerful, high position in life before his or her retirement.  Before learning of their past title(s), they were simply ordinary people, but suddenly knowing that they have a note-worthy  “history-of- greatness” puts them on a brand new level.  Yet; these certain people choose to never share or tell anyone of their former “titles” or  achievements…They don’t use their past accomplishments or heroics as a visible “badge” of importance or notoriety of any sort…

This happened to my husband and me several years ago at his aunt’s funeral.  Not once could he recall being told that his aunt, his dad’s oldest sister, had been a nurse serving in Hawaii at the time Pearl Harbor was attacked.  Until the day of her funeral, he didn’t know that she had been honored for her unrelenting service of duty and had worked for 72 hours straight while taking care of wounded soldiers.  He knew that she had been a nurse somewhere in Florida before she retired, and that she possessed a true joy and zeal for life, but he didn’t know anything about her past note-worthy accomplishments.   In other words, she had chosen not to go around informing every one of her dedicated services to mankind.  She just showed them the “joy” and “love” within her heart for life.  Maybe; the “joy” within our heart is enough!

It wasn’t too terribly long after her funeral that I was having a conversation with someone whom I really didn’t know very well.  Without realizing it at the time, I shared with the person that I was a pastor’s wife along with a few other earthly “titles.”  As I was walking away, I heard a soft voice within say, “Was it really necessary that you tell them that much about your personal life?”  I suddenly felt a ping of guilt and embarrassment in the pit of my stomach.  I answered to myself, “No, Lord, it really wasn’t that necessary.” Nonetheless, the damage (if any) was done. I couldn’t go back and tell the person that I was sorry that I had shared too much information about myself or revealed too much about my personal life.  Too late; I had to let it go.  Whatever the person thought of me or whatever impression I left was done. I would have to leave the results in God’s hand.

As I was driving home, I felt the Spirit ask me another question within, “Is it more important that you tell someone that you are a pastor’s wife or that you are a believer in me?”  Carrying on this inward conversation, I felt the Spirit say, “Being a pastor’s wife will not get you into Heaven, but being a believer in me will.”  Two hard lessons in one day…only minutes apart!

From that time forward, I wasn’t as eager to share that I was a “pastor’s wife!”  But, if asked, I am always willing to share that I am a believer and follower of Jesus Christ.  If there is a “purpose” to share my experiences in the ministry as a way to minister unto others then I will share;  but if not…there’s just no need!  After all, I feel most people are just interested in knowing that we all get into our pants one leg at a time and live one day at a time!  And, for many of us, as Christians, we depend upon the Power, Mercies, Faithfulness, and Resources of God to make it through this life…One Day at a Time!  Our doors open and close at His command!

I wonder how many people we may “turn-off” when we try to impress them with a “Spiritual Resume?”  Truth and fact be known…all of our “Spiritual Resumes” should go something like this:  “We have ALL sinned and fallen short of the Glory of God.”  “Like sheep in a pasture, we have ALL gone astray.” “For by Grace we are saved and not of ourselves; it is the gift of God!”  Now, there’s an impressive resume’…One that is ALL about Christ….and nothing about ourselves!

Of all the “titles,” “achievements,” and “accomplishments” we can make in this life, the ONLY one that carries eternal value is the one where we have “humbled” ourselves as a child and asked God to come into our hearts and save us.  This is the only bona-fide Spiritual Resume’ we need!  I pray that being a born-again Christian is the high-light of your spiritual resume’……Amen.

Remember, God Loves You!

Lin T. Rollins, Author


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