Comfort Food…Or, God…

Comfort Food…Or, God…

“My tears have been my food day and night, while  men say to me all day long, Where is your God?” Psalm 42:3

I have a theory; which is not a surprise. I seem to always be going around pondering, meditating, and theorizing situations, circumstances, and certain issues of life.  So, to have yet another theory is not a surprise to me or to those who know me.

Tonight, as I was pondering a situation in my life, I walked to the kitchen to fix me some “comfort” food; a non-nutrional snack to help make me “feel” better.  Trying to decide if I wanted chocolate cookies, fudge brownies, nachos & cheese, chocolate ice cream, hot chocolate with whipped cream on top, or a blended chocolate milk-shake, it suddenly dawned on me that I was seeking “comfort” food instead of seeking God regarding the matter!  That thought became the catalyst to my theory.

For decades doctors have warned that we are quickly becoming a nation filled with obesed people; overweight.  Obesity can lead to many different types of health problems. I know I could stand to lose at least twenty-five pounds myself!  But, it most likely won’t happen as long as I seek out my kitchen as my place of refuge!  As our nation pulled farther and farther away from God, the size of our plates and the servings on those plates have become larger and larger!  Comfort Food.  As a child back in the late 50’s and early 60’s, no one ever heard of larger, extra-larger, and super-sized servings!  But, we were also allowed to read and speak openly about our faith in Jesus Christ; the Son of God.

Yet; in today’s modern society we seem to all feel more isolated, alone, lonely, hurt, misunderstood, dishonored, disrespected, unvalued, unappreciated, discouraged, down-hearted, downtrodden, depressed, and oppressed.  The enemy, Satan, has really done a job on society!

We have more media sources now than at any other time in history to communicate, but for some that leaves us feeling even more lonely!  For example.  We venture out to post something on another person’s Facebook wall, but for reasons unbeknown to us they do not reciprocate.  We feel rejected.  We scroll through their site and see where they have responded to others, but for some apparent reason they have not responded to our posting… We struggle with feelings of being unliked, isolated, or misunderstood.  A new emotional challenge in today’s society.

Then, there’s the cell phone that identifies the caller even before you answer the call.  (Or, the caller’s name appears on your TV screen!)  If you look at the cell phone and see that it’s someone you aren’t interested in talking with at the moment…you ignore the call.  But, suddenly another call follows and it’s someone you don’t mind speaking with, so you quickly answer the phone.  I know this one personally…it happens to me ALL the time.  My three adult daughters will not think twice about answering the phone if the call is from one of their sisters.  But, let the call be from me, their mom, and I get the customary response, “You have reached so and so, please leave your name and number at the sound of the beep.”  I learned this fact a few years ago while riding in the car with one of my daughters. I called one of her sisters on my cell phone and she did not answer.  Without realizing what she was exposing, the daughter I was riding with in the car said, “Here, use my phone and she will answer.”  Sure enough, when I called from the different phone…her sister answered on the first ring!  Now, where is my comfort food!!!

Without realizing it, families within our society are hurting, and feeling lonely, and feeling rejected in many areas of life…It must be pretty wide-spread as so many people today have turned to “comfort food” to ease themselves of their inward distresses.  “Filling the physical man and not the spiritual man.”  As national and state laws prohibited and pushed God out of our society…our physical need for “comfort” food obviously increased greatly!

What is the solution?  The Psalmist David wrote, “My soul thirsts for God, for the living God.”  He didn’t write, “My soul thirsts for another diet Pepsi, or diet Coke, or diet beer, or a pound of chocolate!  He knew, realized, and acted upon the fact that ALL of his needs could only be met through a daily, personal, and close relationship with God.  A relationship with God that he could OPENLY write about and testify about within his own kingdom!

King David didn’t depend upon his wives, sons, or daughters to bring him comfort in times of duress and distress.  He didn’t depend upon his neighbors to bring him comfort.  He didn’t depend upon his servants to bring him comfort.  He didn’t depend upon his physical needs to bring him inward comfort that only God could abundantly fill.   Wouldn’t it be wonderful to live in a nation where you could openly declare your dependence upon God without the news media making a field-day of it!!  Look at Tim Tebow’s life.  Because he openly declares his dependence upon God, he has quickly become the pun of so many night-time talk shows and public ridicule.

So, in the future, as I reach for “comfort” food, I need to “stop” and ask myself what is my “true” need?  Answer.  A need for God.  In this life, people will let you down.  Close family members will let you down.  No one can fill a voidness within our heart and life except to possess a closer and closer relationship with God.

Therefore, the next time I find myself searching through the cabinets to find “chocolate” to help ease my woes…I’m going to FIRST pick-up my Bible and draw closer to God.  “Draw closer to God…and God will draw closer to you.”

Remember, God Loves You!

Lin T. Rollins, Author


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