A Wall of Leadership

A Wall of Leadership…

“The Wall of Jerusalem is broken down, and its gate have been burned with fire.” (Nehemiah 1: 3 NIV).

You may not be familiar with the inspiring Old Testament leader Nehemiah, but he possessed and conducted one of the truly most courageous and effective styles of leadership put forth by one of God’s chosen men.

Nearly one-hundred years had passed since the remnant of Israel had been allowed to return to Jerusalem from their exile to Babylon when Nehemiah, the highly trusted cup-bearer to the King of Persia, comes on the scene of history.  Hearing story after story about his own people, their troubles, and his beloved city of heritage being trampled during its many years of captivity, he longed to go there and see the destruction for himself.

After much fasting and prayer, Nehemiah went to his employer, the King of Persia, and sought permission to take time off from his duties to visit his homeland.  He must have had an excellent rapport with the king to be granted such a petition; as well as special favor with God.  Not only was he approved time off to return to his homeland, the King also granted him permission to obtain the needed materials to rebuild the city’s burned walls and ruined gates as well as an army of the King’s men to escort him on his journey!

The Bible teaches that Nehemiah first toured and inspected the city’s damages at night.  At that time, Nehemiah had told no one the plans within his heart to rebuild the city’s walls and entrances.  He was heart-broken as he rode his mounted horse from gate to gate viewing the severity of the damaged Walls of Jerusalem.

But, as we read, Nehemiah soon shared with the children of Israel that he had come to Jerusalem to “rebuild the walls” and to remove the nation’s disgrace.  Why was the fortress walls so important, and the first thing on Nehemiah’s agenda, to rebuild???  Simple….Without a Wall of Protection… all else is in vain!

We ALL need a wall of protection within our lives, our homes, our families, and our nation.  Without a strong fortress wall of protection, the enemy and the harsh perils of life can and will destroy us.

The first Wall of Protection that we need within our lives is a strong Spiritual Wall of Repentance.  We ALL need to repent, turn from our evil ways (II Chronicles 7:14), confess our “sins,” as well as our eternal Need for God within our lives.  Second, we need the Wall of Salvation that is offered through none other than God’s own Son, Jesus Christ (John 3:16).  Third, we need a Wall of Righteous Living.  We need to be “doers” of the Word (the Holy Bible) and not “hearers” only; deceiving our own selves.  And, fourth…we need a Wall of Leadership within our homes and our nation!  We need godly men and women, godly husbands and wives, godly fathers and mothers, and godly grandparents to help lead our homes and our nation.

Nehemiah didn’t just start out on his own, within his own strength, to rebuild his nation’s ruins…he first “fasted” and “prayed” for God’s favor to be upon his life (Nehemiah, chapter 1).   Today, as we seek out  local, state, and national “leaders,” we need to discern the difference between a self-seeking leader from a leader who has been genuinely anointed favor from God.

So many of our “politicians” today have hidden-agendas, self-seeking goals, and the need to glorify their own “plans” and “ways” to handle and resolve our nation’s many complexed problems.  The only person who can help our nation to return to a nation of prosperity is God!  So, we need a “leader” who KNOWS and is willing to FOLLOW GOD!

Yet; the people in Nehemiah’s day found confidence and assurance in Nehemiah’s style of leadership based upon his first “seeking” God’s favor.  It wasn’t easy for Nehemiah. He faced many enemies as He led the people of Jerusalem to rebuild their nation.  Yet; with his humbleness and dependence to daily seek God through prayer, his well-organized and steadfast determination to complete the task, and his LOVE for his nation and its people…He along with the people prevailed!

Today, more than ever, our nation, The United States of America, needs “A Wall of Leadership” rebuilt and restored around it.  We need to return, rebuild, and restore our nation’s founding values and heritage.  Wow! That sounds like a good platform to run…”Return, Rebuild, and Restore America!”

We are a nation of people who were built upon CHRISTIAN principles.  We should NOT continue to bow down ourselves to other idols, other images, other gods, other nations, or to leaders who are ASHAMED of our Founding Fathers and their beliefs in God.  This nation is NOT anti-Christian….We are a nation borne out of PRAYERS, blood, sweat, and tears of anguish seeking religious freedoms to Worship Jesus ChristThe Way, The Truth, and The Life.

Let us begin today to pray  “A Wall of Leadership” upon our nation; asking God to raise up a “Nehemiah” to help restore our nation….Before we, too, are carried away into captivity!!!  “God, have mercy upon us.”

Remember, God Loves You.

Lin  T. Rollins, Author


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