Leave the Comfort Zone!

Leave the Comfort Zone!

For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.

To me, the coined phrase, “Comfort Zone” describes a place, or state-of-mind, within our lives where we feel safe, aware, and comfortable; or, able to manage, control, lead, guide and direct situations and circumstances to our desired likings and choosing. People who enjoy living in the “comfort zone” do NOT enjoy living otherwise.  But, not everyone; thank goodness, enjoys living within the “comfort zone.”

Comfort-Zone-Living” is very opposite than God’s Word, the Bible, teaches.  We are not to give in to fears of the unknown…because to God there are NO unknowns!  A life filled with authentic faith in God does not contain a life-long, day-to-day “comfort zone.”  A life filled with faith in God is thrilling, exciting, never boring, never alone, challenging, and worth-the-living!

But, how many of us, including myself, have succumbed to a life of “comfort” not willing to step beyond the borders and boundaries of our own makings?  I believe the “root” to dwelling in comfort-zone-living is none other than FEAR itself.  We fear change, meeting new people, taking on new roles, stepping into the “unknown” parameters of life and taking the risks it might involve or require.  After all, we are creatures of “habit.”

I believe that when we fall into living within the “comfort zone” that we become lonely, downtrodden, depressed, and oppressed.  Life becomes dull, routine, meaningless, and at times even hopeless.  “Why try?”  We ask ourselves.  Then, we answer ourselves, “Too many disappointments, too many discouraging happenings, too many failures, too many times falling flat on our faces and looking like an idiot to the entire world around us!”  So, we dig our heels into our “comfort zone” and decide to live out the rest of our days on planet earth without Passion or Explorations.

But, thank God for Passion.  I believe Passion can be that voice within that says, “There’s more out there than meets the eye.”  Try! Try! Try and Try again!  Oh, I know…the older we get the easier it becomes to tell the “voice within” to simply “shut-up” and “leave us alone.”  After a while, the voice fades away and leaves us sitting in our comfort zone pining away as the days move on.

So many people I know today have reached this place within their lifes…At times, I am included in this group.  When I recognize this fact…it scares me…I begin to feel as if the dirt is actually being shoveled over my face…I can’t breath…and I get very concerned over what I am missing in life…Another beautiful sunset…a walk in the park even when it’s cold outside…Another chance to be with friends and family…The possibilities are endless when we decide to LEAVE the COMFORT ZONE!

What is your “Comfort Zone?”  Is there something out there that you have been wanting to do but “fear” is keeping you back?  Attend college?  Write and publish a book? Learn to play a musical instrument?  Join a support group?  Learn to draw or paint?  Singing lessons? Speak kindness to a person whom everyone else shuns?  Bake a cake for your next door neighbor just to be friendly?  Sing in the choir?  Volunteer at the nursing home or hospital? Become a substitute teacher?  Volunteer to work with kids at church or through an organization?  Become a gourmet cook?  Go on a missionary trip?  The possibilities are endless…when we LEAVE the Comfort Zone!!!

Author’s Note:   Being a Christian, I am NOT suggesting a life-style of “loose” “riotous” living or dangerous risks that are contrary to God’s Word…I am simply suggesting that we be willing to leave our Comfort Zone to explore God’s wonderful world of life more abundantly!  Amen…

I don’t know about you, but this year I want to leave Comfort- Zone-Living and explore God’s many possibilities…

Remember, God Loves You!

Lin T. Rollins, Author

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