Love Above All

Love Above All…It’s not always easy to “love.”  Sure, we can love things when they are delightful…Who doesn’t love babies, cute puppies, cotton candy, or a ride on the ferris wheel on a warm star-lit night??  But, babies can cry, puppies can boop all over the place, cotton candy can rotten your teeth, and too many rounds on a ferris wheel can turn your stomach upside-down!  So, even the more delightful things in life can become somewhat of a challenge at times.

In our human minds, it’s hard to fully comprehend how a Holy God can love imperfect mankind so much that He demonstrated his love towards us that while we were yet sinners Christ died for us. (Romans 5:8 NIV).

In all of my three decades-plus of service to God as a Pastor’s wife, I believe the hardest thing I faced was people not loving one another; not caring as they should; not accepting one another in the Lord, and not committed to God’s cause and command to love.  If a person should find “love” anywhere being rightfully exhibited it should be in the House of God.  But, unfortunately, that’s not always the case.

I’m not talking about acts of kindness or love shown during times of sickness or loss.  Even the lost and dying world knows how to step-up-to-the-plate and show compassion during sad and desperate times.  Sadly, the “church” doesn’t hold the only ticket in the house for showing kindness and compassion!  I have actually had people whom I worked with (that never stepped into a church!) to show me more kindness than some of the members where I attended church! (Sad!!).

The Apostle John “preached” and “taught” the need to demonstrate LOVE one for another. I believe knowing “how” to show LOVE starts in the home.  It’s important how a husband shows his love and protection for his wife; especially in front of their children.  It’s important how a wife shows respect and love for her husband; especially in front of her children.  It’s important for siblings to be “taught” how to love and respect one another and each other’s belongings.  Love can be taught; but it must be taught early in life.

But, even with all the “teachings” and “examples” of Love within the human spirit…there is a LOVE that goes much deeper and can only be exercised through the POWER of the Holy Spirit…It’s when we LOVE the UNLOVABLE; as God so loved the world…This type of LOVE comes only from above.  We can’t work it up; cough it up; or wish it up….This type of LOVE comes through PRAYER (sometimes through fastings and prayer), submission, and committment.

As with most of us, I have had problems dealing in this level of Love myself…After all, it’s hard to love someone who makes it their goal in life to destroy you (especially when it is a close or distant friend or family member!).  During such times, your heart grieves with pain and hurt.  It is during these times when one has to “dig deeper” to find God’s Love and Grace in the matter.  I know…I’ve been there; done that; bought a t-shirt and wore it home way too many times!!

Our true enemy, God’s enemy, Satan, wants nothing more than to destroy us, and to tear us down, and to cause us to doubt God’s love for us.  That’s why it is SO important for us to submit ourselves to a “closet of prayer” in such circumstances and situations and plead for the Power of God’s love to be upon us in such matters.  It’s ONLY through the Power of God’s love that we can overcome…We are more than conquerors through Christ Jesus.

Dear Friend, you may be facing a situation right now in your life that is grievous to your heart and soul. Perhaps, someone has disappointed you or tried desperately to hurt your reputation among others.  Believe me when I say I could jot down a LONG list of people who have seemingly gone out of their way to “bully” me and my husband during our years in the ministry….But, I have learned the only way to overcome and move forward is by entering my “prayer closet” and pleading to God to allow me to LOVE them through God’s Power; not my own.  After all, we are only human within our own strength…It’s God’s Love that is a LOVE ABOVE ALL!

Remember God LOVES You!

Lin T. Rollins, Author



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