A Week to Ponder Ahead…2012

A Week to Ponder Ahead… 2012…Today, is December 26, 2011.  Five days remain in the year 2011. 

For me, the very minute Christmas Day is past, I begin to look forward with great anticipation towards the New Year.  What does it hold in store for my family, friends, and me; personally?  Oh, how we all look forward to a New Year of great fortune, bliss, and Heavenly blessings flowing non-stop from the Throne of God!  Amen.  This is my prayer for all of us… 

Of course, amongst our many Heavenly blessings, we can be assured of a few hills and valleys along the way.  That’s LIFE…Yet; it is always our heart’s desires to be filled with joyous merriment and glorious glee.

The beginning of the year is also a good time to reflect over past blessings and to look forward with renewed zeal and determination to “change” and “drop” all of the old and bad habits we have developed!  Oh, the lists of New Year Resolutions! I don’t think there’s another month in the year where new diets and exercise programs are started more than January…going to the gym…walking a mile a day…stair-master climbing…counting calories…Oh, the joys of diet and exercise!!  I hope I will stick to mine this new year!

Then, there’s the start of reading through the Bible for another new year.  But, for me, instead of simply reading through the Bible this year, I wish to slow-down and dig deeper into the Scriptures one-by-one.  I’m not going to be as interested in “how far” I read this year, but how much I study and learn (Study to show thyself approved; a workman unto God).  Then, I want to “apply” all that I learn.  I want others to see Christ’s Spirit dwelling within me.  And, when a person sets out to make this a goal…you can be assured that the enemy will come knocking at his or her door!!  Lord, have mercy!

For others to see Christ’s Spirit thriving within us is not always an easy goal to meet.  What do I mean?  Well, others may see many of us going to church; and that is well and good.  The Bible clearly teaches us “Not to forsake the assembling of ourselves together…(Hebrews 10:25). Others may see us reframing from certain activities and life-styles in Honor of God’s Word…That’s all well and good; too. (Ephesians and Romans..the entire books!)

But, do others see the Love of God as taught in I, II, and III John richly dwelling within our hearts and manifested within our lives for His honor and glory?  Does the Love of Jesus reign within us…like it should? 

I’m afraid I fall very short in this area at times…Take the long lines at the stores this past Christmas shopping season or the high volumes of traffic….and it doesn’t take very long for me to be reminded just how “human” I am!  Or, when I think a certain situation should go a certain way (my way!) and it doesn’t.  Or, people simply don’t behave and/or respond in the way I feel they should.  When these things happen, I quickly have to tend with my flesh!  But, the Bible teaches us to “Give thanks in ALL things…”  Whether the “ALL” things work out the way I want them to work out or not!  After all, it’s God’s world; he made it…and all that belongs in it is His (Genesis 1).

Today, you may feel like me and wish to Give Thanks to our Heavenly Father for all of His rich blessings upon our lives.  Also, like me, you may be wanting to work on those “love skills” taught in the books of I, II, and III John. 

It is my prayer that we all do better this year; 2012.  After all…isn’t life worth it?  Aren’t our friends and family worth it?  Isn’t our Lord worth it?  Oh, yes my friend…they are…And, HE IS!!!

Now, is the time to humble ourselves and seek ye Lord!

Remember, God Loves You

Lin T. Rollins, Author

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