Another Season

Another Season of Fall baseball has just ended…and another season is upon us.  All four of my grandsons play baseball.  The oldest just graduated high school last spring and the youngest (a little gifted-genius!) is in the third grade.  Our two middle grandsons (brothers; one in the ninth grade and the other in seventh grade) are both left-handed pitchers.  We are proud of all our grandchildren; all nine of them!  Papa and I try to make it to as many games and events as we can.  It’s always so exciting watching them bat, run, catch the ball, and throw it to base causing the runner to be out!  You can often hear Papa and me yelling….”Yea, that’s my grandson!” (Like most grandparents yell!)

Another Season of volleyball and competition and sideline cheerleading is ending…and another season is upon us.  Three of our five granddaughters are involved in sports; as well.  Our oldest is a junior in high school and cheers for both football and basketball.  Her little sister, in the sixth grade, is our tumbler in the family! She cheers both sideline and competition. I dare say that I hold my breath every time she is tossed up into the air or  goes flipping across the gym floor!  Our other granddaughter is in the ninth grade.  She just finished her first season on the junior varsity girls volleyball team. They came in third place in the district. She was a very good player and team player during her first season.  Just like Papa and I yell and cheer for our grandsons, we do the same for our granddaughters!  (Now, mind you…our other granddaughter is in the sixth grade, too…she is going to be our female scholar in the family!  And, our youngest grandchild is just seven months old…But, we cheer her on as she learns to sit-up, crawl, and say, “Dadadada” and “Mamama!”)

Even though we are very pleased and proud of our grandchildren’s academia and athletic achievements, we are even more blessed that they are all believers in Jesus Christ and are being raised in the admonition of our Lord.  Each one attends church, Sunday school, AWANA’s and Bible studies helping to build a strong foundation in Christ.

Another Season of Thanksgiving.  This past week was Halloween; which was also an end of an era for my oldest daughter whose sons did not participate, since they are now “too old!” (18, 14, 12!).  Yes…my oldest daughter is starting to enter into that season of life when she is seeing her three sons mature into young men….leaving a lot of their childhood antics and pranks behind them!  And, Boy Oh Boy…could these boys ever scuffle!  A good example is when I had to come down from playing the organ during an altar call.  My husband, the pastor of the church, was just going into the altar call when he noticed our two grandsons socking it out on the front bench!  By the time I got off the organ bench and to the front pew, they had fallen onto the floor still holding on to each other’s collar and socking each other endlessly in the back!!   Not too long afterwards, my daughter purchased the book written by Dr. James Dobson on how to raise boys!  Thankfully, we all learned that little boys play like bear cubs!  And, believe me these two boys played like they were bears!!! But, my…oh my…how well they have turned out!

Yes; seasons of joy and delight fill our hearts and lives with both smiles and tears.  Now, that Halloween is passed, we are now entering into a Season of Thanksgiving.  And, oh how much I have to be thankful for.  I am thankful for a God who Loves me enough to forgive me and to give me the joys of Salvation through His Son, Jesus Christ.  A husband who is faithful, caring, and loving…always providing for our families’ needs.  A family who loves me in spite of all my wrongs, craziness, and short-comings.  A life of opportunities in serving God with some of the most wonderful people on earth.  Thankful for so many friends; both new and old.  And, a life filled with mountainous victories and some pretty low valleys…all weaving a thread of Hope and Faith that is called my life.  I am nearly out of breath thinking about how grateful I am for my life….all of it…  Yes…all of it.

And, I know you are, too.  If anything…Christians are typically “thankful” for God’s many mercies and grace!  Amen.

As the Bible teaches, “In every thing give thanks for this is the Will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you…” I Thessalonians 5:18 (KJV)

Yes, Another Season of Thanksgiving is upon us….Let’s start today….from a joyful, grateful, and thankful heart!  ” God, thank you for your many, many blessings upon me, my loved ones, friends, and upon our nation.  We owe it all to you.  You are the eternal object of our Praise and thankfulness… To God be the Glory!…Forever and ever…Amen.”

Remember, God Loves You!

Lin T. Rollins, Author

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