To God Be the Glory

To God Be the Glory!  I have so enjoyed reading different web blogs and postings on Facebook this month regarding Thanksgiving.  As you probably already know the news media and other reporting resources would have us all convinced that there is no one left living in the good old USA who is grateful and thankful to God for their blessings.  The media tries to tell us that the old traditional values are dead and gone…..But, from the many writings I have read this month…I am convinced they are the ones who are wrong!

I believe America is still being held together by a core of faithful and committed Christian believers who can tell you to whom they give credit for the many blessings bestowed upon their lives.  True, the news media does not “cover” the Good News of the Gospel like they cover all the bad news in the world!  So, we are bombarded into believing the propaganda that “everyone” and “everything” is bad.

I am reminded that God looks on the inward of man and not the outward.  He sees the heart and knows our ever thoughts and ways.  To God Be the Glory!  I know my Redeemer liveth!!

As we move into the Christmas season, I want to reflect this month upon the “good” news of the season.  News like my church taking up coats and clothing to give to the needy.  News like our yearly Lottie Moon missionary offerings that provides support for missionaries all over the world.  Good news like the Samaritan Purse (Shoe Boxes) given to million of children all over the globe…Oh, how I love this ministry!  God bless Franklin Graham!!

Many in the media arenas would have us looking down and feeling down-troddened and defeated.  But,  To God Be the Glory….I Am on the Winning Side!  And, if you are a child of God’s through His precious Son, Jesus Christ…you are on the winning side as well!  Now, there’s something to be thankful for!!!!

Remember, God Loves You!

Lin T. Rollins, Author


Thanksgiving Day

A Month of Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Day 2011…GREAT IS THY FAITHFULNESS!

Joyously speaking, our God has brought us to another beautiful Thanksgiving Day here in the most blessed country on the planet, The United States of America.

 As most of us learned in elementary school, our nation’s first celebrated Thanksgiving Day was held on December 13, 1621 at Plymouth Colony, Massachusetts.  On that most humble of all days a tiny group of courageous and faith-filled Pilgrims sit down in peaceful fellowship with a band of befriended Native Americans to give Honor and Thanks unto God for their pilgrimage and blessings.

Even though our early fore-fathers continued the celebrations of thanksgivings, it was not until 1863 in the midst of our nation’s Civil War that President Abraham Lincoln proclaimed “Thanksgiving” as a national holiday to be celebrated in the month of November each year.

Yet, far before the shores of America was home to the celebration of thanksgivings, a tiny mid-east country known as Israel held seven yearly feasts to celebrate and honor their blessings and victories from God.  Human beings thanking God for His faithfulness is as old as the Book of Genesis itself.  (The just shall live by HIS faith.  Habakkuk 2:3 KJV).

So, today I wish to carry on both a biblical and national tradition of Praise and Thanksgiving to my Heavenly Father (God) for His Faithfulness to life; as well as His faithfulness to my nation, my family, and me.  Thank you Heavenly Father for Your Faithfulness and blessings (benefits).

May the God of both the Old and New Testaments continue to hold our nation in His favor.  May we never forget from whom our blessings flow.

Remember, God Loves You!

Lin T. Rollins, Author

“A Month of Thanksgiving” Part Ten

A Month of Thanksgiving – Part Ten

Come unto me all you who are burdened and heavy laden (weary, concerned, fearful, worried, and burdened down), and I (The Lord) will GIVE you Rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn of (from) me; for I am meek (gentle) and lowly (humbled) in Spirit (heart), and ye shall find REST for your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden light. (Matthew 11:28 NIV)

 “In today’s continued series on being “Thankful,” I want to thank God for the GIFT of REST.  Let me ask you a question.  Has anyone ever walked up to you holding a package and said, “Here, I have a gift for you.”  You graciously accepted the gift and when you opened the package you found inside a “gift card” for REST!!  Most likely the answer is No.  But, that is exactly what God is saying in this Scripture found in the Book of Matthew, chapter eleven, verse twenty-eight.  Notice, He says…”I will GIVE you REST.”

Have you ever thought about REST being a gift from God?  I believe we accept this precious Gift in the same way as we accept the Gift of Salvation…By Faith and Through Faith!  But notice the first word in the passage, “Come.”  The term Come is an action verb requiring movement on our part.  It usually refers to moving “forward.” In other words, we have to walk (not by sight) but by Faith towards Jesus in order to receive this most needful gift of Rest for our busy minds and bodies and weary souls.

This morning, I can think of so many people who are in need of rest; including myself.  I am not talking about just a physical rest that we can obtain through a good night’s sleep.  I am referring to a substantial “mind” and “soul” rest from all of life’s worries, anxieties, and concerns.  I have often said that mental stress can make a person feel more tired than any type of physical stress!  When the mind gets tired, it slows down the body’s entire system; even the immune system.  This is why “stress” is the leading cause of so many diseases and fatigues we face in our modern-day and time.

But, we have a cure and the answer….”Come unto Jesus” and receive the gift of Rest.  Notice Jesus also says, “I am gentle and humble in heart.”  In other words He is NOT going to say, “I don’t have time for you today; come back another time!”  He’s NOT going to say, “With all the bad things you’ve done in your life…you should be worried!”  NO…NO…NO….Jesus is our most loving Heavenly Father and Eternal Friend who always has time for our needs and is always willing to GIVE us His blessings and Rest when we Come unto Him.

Aren’t you glad for a Personal Savior today who is willing to Give you Rest from all of your worries, anxieties, fears, and concerns? Won’t you come unto Him today…and Let Jesus Give you Rest?  I know I am.  I have already “Come” unto Him this morning in Prayer for the day.  Amen.

“Hear the Blessed Savior calling the oppress, come ye weary laden, come to me and Rest…Come no longer tarry I your load will bear…bring me every burden, bring me every care…Come unto me…I will give you rest…Take my yoke upon you…Hear me and be blessed…I am meek and lowly…Come and trust my might….Come, my yoke is easy…and my burden’s Light!”  (Come Unto Me – Redback Hymnal Page 44).

Remember, God Loves You!

Lin T Rollins, Author

Month of “Thanksgiving” Part Nine

Before continuing with this month’s theme, “A Month of Thanksgiving,” I want to take a minute to reflect upon the things I have already listed.

 I started out this month by being thankful for the Word of God, my Bible.  Oh, how precious is God’s word.  In Part Two, I wrote about the many essentials in life that we sometimes take for granted such as blessed water.

Part Three, I reflected upon being thankful for music and song.  Oh, how our lives are enriched with the gift of music.  In Part Four,  I reflected upon my personal thankfulness for my Christian husband; my friend.

In Part Five,  I once again reflected about God’s Word being the Good News of the Gospel. (I guess you can tell that I am thankful for the Bible!)  In Part Six, I wrote about being thankful for the wonderful miracles God has bestowed upon my personal health.  I am truly blessed.

Part Seven reflected upon being thankful for Jesus Christ, the Same Yesterday, Today, and Forever.  We need lasting, “forever” promises within our lives!

Part Eight dealt with being thankful for Time….The precious healer of all things.

In Part Nine, I want to write about being thankful for a roof over my head and food to eat.  Last week, while driving along the expressway, I noticed two tents set up in the woods just off the exit ramp.  At first, the site seemed strange to me.  Why would people be camping alongside the expressway?  Then, I realized that they were not “camping,”…..they were actually living there in make-shift tents, canopies, and whatever belongings they possessed.  What a sad, visible reminder of the difficult economical times we are living.

The site reminded me of an experience my husband and I had many years ago.  As we were exiting a nice restaurant after enjoying a pleasant meal together, we noticed a man dressed in ragged clothing searching through a dumpster.  Then, I nearly wanted to throw-up when he pulled out food and began to eat it.  I was so overtaken by his actions that I could hardly breathe!  My husband walked over and gave him some money.  Whether or not the homeless man used the money to buy “new” food, I cannot say.  But, the image of that evening has never left my mind after all of these years.

This morning, as I sit in my lovely warm home typing on my lap-top, I am fully aware that there is a huge population of people all over the planet hungry and in need of shelter.  It’s not the size or style of the home…it’s that we are blessed to have a home!  It’s not the money we spend on fine food….it’s that we simply have food!

How can I NOT want to drop to my knees and thank my God for his undeserving blessings of food and shelter upon my life.  It reminds me of a song that the choir sung at one of our former churches:

“There’s a roof up above me, I’ve a good place to sleep. There’s food on my table and shoes on my feet. You’ve gave me your love Lord and a fine family.  Thank you Lord for your blessings on me.”  (Song Title” Thank You Lord).

Let us all give thanks unto God for his bountiful blessings.  Amen.

Remember God Loves you!

Lin T. Rollins, Author

A Month of Thanksgiving – Part Eight

A Month of Thanksgivings

TIME–The Healer of All Things.  Continuing with this month’s theme, “A Month of Thanksgivings,” I want to reflect upon being thankful for TIME; the very seconds on the clock.

God set it in man’s heart to regard “time.”  In the very beginning, He created the evening and the morning; the First Day (Genesis 1:5.)  We know that He also created the sun, stars, planets, and moon.  And, along with these majestically created celestial bodies, he created the Seasons; Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter. I like to think that Spring was the first season as it represents “Life.”

Seasons represent Time.  “To every thing there is a season, and time to every purpose under the heaven; A time to be born, and a time to die; a time to plant, and a time to harvest that which is planted.”  “A time to weep, and a time to laugh; a time to mourn, and a time to dance!….” (Ecclesiastes 3 KJV).  I don’t know about you, but I so love that my God is such a detailed, organized, structured, and routinely devoted God!  I find safety in these characteristics.

I know back when I was in the classroom as a teacher, we learned that by providing an environment with daily rituals and routines that our students felt more safe and secure; thus enhancing the learning environment.  I guess the educational system didn’t realize that they were simply “stealing” ideas from God’s own plan!  See, whether people realize it or not…God is in EVERYTHING good!

The Holy Scriptures teach us to, “Number our days.” (Psalm 90:12)  In other words, we are to apply wisdom to the time of life, or season of life, that we are presently living.  The Book of Proverbs provides many verses of wisdom on how NOT to waste our time and to do “all” mightily as unto God.   As the old adage says, “Time is of an essence.” Oh, yes friend; it certainly is an essential chemistry of our life!

But, time (the clicking away of the seconds on the clock; the slow-moving of the sun) is also the Works of God used in healing our broken and despaired hearts.  Not that we truly ever forget or get over a terrible tragic loss within our lives, but unexpectantly to even ourselves, with Time we regain some sense of normalcy and return to our changed lives; yet able to move forward. I believe that the past is ever-present with us; but we can learn to live in the “gift” of today with a blessed hope for our future.  And, my dear Christian friend, our eternal future is very Bright!! (Revelation 22).

The Apostle Paul says, “Forgetting those things which are behind and pressing forward to those things before…”(Philippians 3:13)… I don’t believe Brother Paul was actually instructing us to “forget” our brokenness, but NOT to allow it to paralyze us in order to keep us in the past.  God knows your past; He knows my past; our present; and our future.  I don’t about you, but how reassuring is that!  I love that He holds the very tears that I have cried actually stored up in a bottle!  Amazing… Amen.

Today, I am thankful for TIME and how it brings about a newness and a freshness into our lives with each passing day.  Today, we could be living on the mountain top.  Tomorrow, we could be struggling in the storms of life…But, with TIME, and the knowledge of Time, we know that nothing stays or remains the same while on Earth.  Time on Earth is ever changing…So, what ever you may be facing today…will be in your past on tomorrow. Remember, it is ONLY God who remains the same yesterday, today, and forever!  Amen.

Remember, God Loves you!

Lin T. Rollins, Author

Month of Thanksgivings- Part Seven

Month of Thanksgivings

This morning, I want to reflect upon being “thankful” for the precious promise found in the Book Of Hebrews, chapter thirteen, verse eight, “Jesus Christ the same yesterday, and today, and forever.” (KJV).

Oh, my dear friend, isn’t it wonderful to know that in an ever-changing world, an ever-changing society, and an ever-changing environment that there is ONE who we can count on to never, never change?  Jesus Christ, our blessed Redeemer! The Blessed Rock of Ages! Amen.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t do “change” very well at times.  As we all know, human beings can become “creatures of habit.”  But, as much as we would like everything to remain the same around us….it just doesn’t happen that way.  God never ordained it to happen!

Ever since mankind was exiled from the perfect dew-dripping foliage of the Garden of Eden, our environment continues to change; practically on a daily …hour by hour basis.  Yet; amongst all the changes that surround our lives each day…Nothing….Nothing…Nothing changes God’s Love for us through Christ Jesus.  This is an assurance that both you and I can “take to the bank,” as the old adage goes!

But, it’s more than just “taking a promise to the bank.”  It’s the permanency of an all-knowing, ever-present Lord and Savior who will be there with us until the end (Matthew 28:20…Lo, I am with you always, even until the end.” KJV).  After all, the number one basic need in every human beings’ life is to be LOVED.  And, we can only find true, authentic, ever-lasting, fulfilling Love in Christ Jesus.  God is LOVE!

I don’t know about you, but I am so, so thankful that my God changes NOT!  He is the same yesterday, today, and forever more.  No matter how many SmartPhones engineers continue to come up with; no matter how many vehicles auto- manufactures design (that will possibly one day get up to 100 miles to a gallon!); no matter how many cutting-edge procedures, technologies, and discoveries the medical and pharmaceutical industries create or discover….None can ever, ever, change or replace the everlasting, eternal LOVE of GOD! (John 3:16)

Yes; there is a promise that won’t be nor can ever be broken. A promise that is so secured that God, himself, was willing to live for and die for “it” in the manifestation of His own son Jesus Christ; a promise that was powerful enough to raise Jesus from the grave….and powerful enough to take me right on to Glory when I leave this old walk of life….The promise of an UNCHANGING LOVE found in Jesus Christ…the same yesterday, today, and forever!  Amen.  Want you join me today in thanking God through Christ Jesus for such a wonderful promise!

Remember, God Loves You!

Lin T rollins, Author

A Month of Thanksgiving Part Six

A Month of Thanksgiving Part Six

What a wonderful time of the season for rejoicing and reflecting over the many blessings of life.  I have noticed that Facebook is flooded these days with thoughts of “Thanksgiving.”  Amen.

This morning, (actually it’s 3:00 AM!) I want to write about being thankful for my health.  The Old Testament Scriptures (Bible) teach us:  “But He (Jesus) was bruised (pierced) for our transgressions, He was crushed for our iniquities; the punishment that brought us peace was upon Him; and by His wounds (stripes) we are healed.”  (Isaiah 53:5 NIV).

No matter our earthly health or physical infirmities we may suffer,  God has already provided us with the eternal Healer of our soul.  Amen.

If you know me, you might ask the question, “But, aren’t you on total disability due to your repaired brain aneurysm and bilateral vertebral artery dissection with hemorrhage you suffered?”  The answer to that question is, “Yes, I am.”  But, oh, how blessed I am that I was able to once again “walk” out of Emory’s ICU on my own. That miracle off-sets any concerns I might have regarding early disability retirement. I’m just thankful to be Alive!

I will never forget one year ago when I walked around the Stroke Unit and saw patient after patient attached to life-support and ventilators after suffering a stroke.  I was so humbled that the area of my brain where the bleed was located affected the cognitive side of my brain and not the physical side.  Oh, yes…there are side effects that I live with daily and a general, overall concern of the future, but I am so grateful for each day that I can still live and conduct my life with only mild limitations.  My trust and Faith remains in God’s Hands.

Actually, I have lived a life filled with medical challenges since childhood. I was among the first pediatric patients in Georgia to undergo open heart surgery to repair a blockage in the Aorta artery. But, God got me through it with the help of some awesome physicians and nurses.  And, soon afterwards, I went on to being a very active teen-ager.

After marrying and delivering a set of twins one year later and a third child seventeen months later, a returned Pap-smear showed pre-cancerous cells. I was diagnosed with cervical disease and underwent a hysterectomy at the young age of twenty-four.  Around this same time, I began to suffer through intense migraines for the next ten years.

Then, after being admitted to the hospital with fluid around the heart, I was diagnosed with Lupus at the age of thirty.  MRI’s also showed a mass on my pancreas and signs of kidney failure at the same time. But, over the next year, God healed me, and I was able to continue with my life and raise my children along with working as a hospital admitting manager while carrying out many duties as a Pastor’s wife and mother.

Later, I had a lumpectomy that was thankfully benign.  A few years later, I began to suffer with chronic back problems.  (Years later, after a serious fall at school, I had two emergency epidurals. Eight months after the fall, I underwent lumbar back surgery to fuse the L4 & L5 discs along with shaving away of the bones.  Ouch! That was a very painful surgery and a painful recovery! But, God did it once again through a wonderful surgeon and team of doctors.)

Backing up to a year before the brain aneurysm was discovered, I had an emergency gallbladder removal for a diseased gall-bladder that was actually “dying” and breaking off piece by piece into my intestines! After seven days in the hospital and a complete intestinal wash, I was released home to resume normal duties.

Then,  a year later, I encountered the absolute worse headache pain imaginable.  Thanks be unto my primary physician, Dr. Jack Saltz who sent me immediately by ambulance to the hospital, MRI’s showed a bulging aneurysm deep inside of the left side of my brain.  I was then transported to Emory Hospital’s ICU where I spent the next nine days and underwent an emboilization coiling repair procedure.  Once again God provided me with one of the finest neurological teams possible.  After twenty days of rest, I was back in the classroom teaching a group of wonderful students!

Even though, I was aware of permanent nerve damage after the aneurysm, I still managed to carry out my life with only a few limitations.  After the lumbar surgery in June 2010, I was so excited to be able to begin a new school year at a new school  teaching a group of very gifted seventh graders.  Yet; six days into the new school year, I suffered a bilateral vertebral artery dissection with bleeding (stroke) in the left brain region.

This incident took out a huge toil on my health.  I didn’t “bounce” back like all of the many other times.  I was physically tired, mentally exhausted, and unable to conduct certain day-to-day duties, including driving a car for over six months.  After undergoing a series of neurological testings, it was determined that it would be too risky for me to continue teaching school or holding down any type of full-time vocation.  Thus, disability retirement.

Yet; out of this major life change emerged a wonderful and passionate ministry. The ministry of encouragement through inspirational writings.  God blessed me to see my first faith-based novel released in December 2010 and to step out on faith to write a daily inspirational blog.  Oh, how truly good my God is!

Right now, it’s nearly 4:00 AM, and I have been awake since 3.  In an hour, I will be getting dressed to ride with my husband to Emory Hospital for a full eight-hour day of neurological testings.  My future is in the Hands of God.  I won’t know the outcome of the tests until sometime next week.  I can’t say that I am not somewhat apprehensive; that would be a lie.  But, I do know that He who began a good work in me (Salvation) will see it unto the end.  And, God is the author and Finisher of my faith.

I know that my life is already planned out in God’s eyes. And, even though I do not know the paths that may be ahead; I can certainly trust the One who has given His life for mine. (John 3:16).

“He will keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed upon the Lord…Trust in the LORD forever; for the LORD is the ROCK eternal.”  (Isaiah 26: 3-4 NIV)

This morning…don’t you just Love Him, too!

Remember, God Loves You!

Lin T Rollins, Author