Beside Still Waters

He leads me Beside Still Waters…  Another version of the Bible reads, “He leads me beside QUIET waters.”  (Psalm 23 NIV).  Ask yourself, would you rather walk beside a peaceful, quiet, still body of water or beside a raging, turbulent, disorderly body of water?

I think the answer is obvious.  We would much rather walk beside the peaceful shore.  However, at times our lives do not look as if we choose the restful, peaceful shores of life.  Many times, our lives look as if we choose the turbulent, disorderly shores of busyness rather than the calm and still waters that God offers.

Ask yourself  another question.  Why?  Why do we fill our lives with so much activities that we appear to be afraid to be led by the still, quiet waters of life?  Why does it appear that every waking hour of life must be used to clutter our minds and hearts with meaningless, vain runnings to and fro?  At times, we all do it.

Sadly, we are a culture teaching the next generation to be even more busier than we are!  Children now days are sent to school, many without breakfast, to learn what education they can acquire and to keep their grades up in a very costly competative society.  After they return home, without supervision, they are expected to complete their homework, make their own snack, and be ready to “GO” as soon as the adult parent arrives home.  Where do they go?  Everywhere!  Mostly, ball parks, gyms, dance and  karate studios, music lessons, or a plethora of other extra-curricular activities….including continued texting while on the GO!  Even though some families manage to attend church on top of their busy schedules, God has to be “willing” to be worked into and managed within their busy lives!  No matter the case, the word is simply…..GO….24/7… GO!!

Why is it that we are a society on the run 24/7?  Yet;  God says many times in His Word….BE STILL!!!  I don’t believe we are doing a very good job at teaching our children to BE STILL and Know God!!  Many years ago, when our children were growing up, it seemed we attended activities in moderation.  Baseball was played in the spring….not spring, fall, travel…so forth and so forth.  Football was played in the fall…not all year long.  Gym, dance, and band competitions were held during the week or on Saturdays… but not on Sundays.  And, those parents who regularly attended church on Sundays didn’t allow their children to participate in other activities that competed with God’s time!

Now days, we find a spot to stick God in and He has to stay in that spot!  It seems he doesn’t rule our lives….Our lives rule when He can be in it….or not in it!  I’m not sure that God is all that impressed with our overly busy lives and ball-park prayers!  We want Him in our overly busy lives….He just has to be willing to comply!!  I mean…don’t make us choose between giving quality time to God or quality time to our activities….In today’s society…activities win hands down!

Ask yourself this question.  What if you and your spouse never did anything or went anywhere unless it was in a group or with other couples? In other words, every time the two of you had an opportunity to be alone….one or the other chose the “group” thing over being alone.  After a while, you might start wondering how much, or if, your spouse was actually “IN LOVE” with you… Sad.  But, I see couples and families doing this more and more.  There is no intimacy between spouses…too much busyiness…always in a crowd of people…or surrounded by certain family members.  I know a family who actually uses the ball park and ball games as a regular “reunion” spot!  It may seem “grand” on the surface, but there are definitely issues involved.  No one has to be on the “road” constantly in their life or surrounded by an endless parade of activities to meet each season, week. or month….unless they are simply too afraid to sit down and face the truth about themselves or their lives!

God doesn’t always want to “share” his personal time between you and Him with others.  He loves you so much that He gave His life for you…  He deserves more than being a “part” of our busy lives.  He deserves the right to lead our lives.  He deserves being shown respect on HIS DAY!  And, we should teach our children this, as well.  In the Old Testament God chose one day of the week to solely belong to Him.  In our busy society, we can’t afford to give God barely an uninterrupted hour…any day of the week!   What if we treated our bosses at work the same way we treat God?  It wouldn’t be too long until we’d be finding a new job….over and over again!  God deserves our Best…after all He gave us His Best when He gave us His Son, Jesus Christ.

Busyness is often a sign of deeper troubles and concerns. Often times…a spiritual need.  Instead of dealing with the issue or need, a person just fills his or her life up with more and more activitites….Too many activities can also cause a financial burden on a family….nothing is done in this life for free!  There’s the gas needed to drive back and forth to all these activities, interests, and hobbies…there are fees involves…uniform and equipment costs…eating out…All just adding more burdens to an already overly busy waters of life.

My friend, examine your life today.  Are you really and truly walking beside the Still Calm Waters…the waters that God leads you beside?  Oh, but you might say you are a young busy family and all young families are busy families.  This is true.  No doubt, there are times when our lives are just naturally busier than others.  But, if the waters you are walking beside tend to be more busy than calm and quiet….then, you may not be walking beside the waters God wants to lead you beside!!  God Leads Us Beside the STILL WATERS!  God’s “leadings” will always provide the deeper needs within our lives….

It’s not always easy to face the truth about a matter or to examine our lives through the eyes of God…but, Oh, how worth the rewards are…Today, ask God to show you and your family the path beside Still Waters!  Then, be ready to follow His lead…Beside the Still Waters….

Remember, God Loves You,

Lin T. Rollins, Author


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