No Body Knows…

No Body Knows…There is an old spiritual song that says, “No body knows the troubles I’ve seen; no body knows but Jesus.”  That statement used to be more true long ago than today.  Today, is the Age of Information.  With Twitter, Facebook, and all the other social networks and media sources available, people share practically every thought they have as well as every happening within their lives; little left for the imagination. Everything is welcomed in the mass media market of information!

Everyone has a story; everyone has troubles; everyone has good times; everyone has a testimony of some sort.  Some choose to share their lives openly more than others.  Some share way too much! Sometimes, I’d rather NOT know some intimate detail(s) about a person’s life.  I mean…do you have to tell everything??!!

I was talking this morning to my husband about a person’s testimony that they had shared recently when he asked me a strange question followed by a statement, “Why is it that you women want to tell everything? Jesus told the woman at the well what ALL she had done; she didn’t tell him.  Then, she agreed with Him about the sin(s) in her life, accepted who He was and His forgiveness, then went back to the town saying, “Come see a man who told me all that I have done. According to the Bible; that was it.”

Now, whether or not my husband’s commentary on the matter is accurate or not, I’m not sure. But, he did make a valid point.  God, in the bodily form of Jesus Christ, “told her” all that she had done.  I believe that the Holy Spirit “tells” us when we have done wrong as well.  This is when we have the blessed opportunity to seek out forgiveness just as the Woman at the Well.  But, the question remains….Do we tell everything about ourselves to others when we have been delivered by Christ Jesus of a certain sin(s), or simply honor Christ that He told us everything and we confessed (agreed and repented) and were delivered?   I’m not really sure.

The Bible certainly describes the “sins” of King David.  The Bible tells of the murmurings of the Children of Israel, as well as the many sins of various kings and others in the Old Testament.  However, these were all committed under the Law.  But, I’m not so certain that everyone’s sins are blatantly uncovered in the New Testament of Grace and Mercy.  Why?  Perhaps, because we all “sin” and come short of the Glory of God.  Perhaps, because we all have a sinful nature and without Christ Jesus we would all be hopeless and on our way to hell; no matter what our prior lives are made of.  Yet; by His stripes we are healed and made whole in the sight of God.  Amen.

I know there is a time and a place for everything in life; even the Bible teaches this.  But, is everyone suppose to know out loud our personal thoughts, trials, and troubles; one by one?  Or, like the old song goes, “No Body Knows Like Jesus.”  Perhaps, if we told Jesus as much as we tell on Facebook and Twitter our lives would be more empowered with His strength than our own!!

My husband is a very quiet and private man who doesn’t go around sharing the many hardships, trials, and troubles he has seen and endured in his life.  The sermons he preached throughout his thirty years in the ministry mostly consisted of uplifting the Name of Jesus above all others.  I have often witnessed other men in the pulpit to talk endlessly about situations encountered within their lives knowing full well that my own husband had faced much harder issues; yet chose to disclose only the necessary points to uplift and focus upon Jesus Christ.  I admire him for this.

Me…I probably share way too much at times about my life.  Having a passion for writing, I just sit down at my laptop and type away….Of course, praying that nothing I say ever hurts or harms another soul. But, that through my words and testimony others might see and find Hope for things they might be facing in life…But, then again….perhaps it should be…”No Body Knows But Jesus…”  You decide.

What do you think?  The answer to that question could just come down to who we are individually and how God has programmed into our own personality the way we choose to share information about ourselves with others.  Some providing more information than others.

But, maybe we should stop and examine this fact and let it be our guide …”Is what we are sharing or telling to others uplifting Jesus Christ, or is it spot-lighting the many works of darkness manifested in the flesh?”

Maybe, there is a healthy balance….and, we all need to find it in this age of information…You be the judge…

Remember, God Loves You!

Lin T. Rollins, Author


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