The Ancient of Days!

The Ancient of Days!   OMG, I nearly had a running fit.  How have I missed it all of these years; I do not know. Even after reading through and studying the Bible for many years it was as if I was introduced for the first time to God’s name and title, “THE ANCIENT OF DAYS!.” (Daniel 7:9)

Think about it.  Doesn’t it send a chill right up your spine?! Our God, The One and Only God, Our Holy God IS…The Ancient of Days!  He is ever of Old…I don’t know about you but I wanted to lie prostrate on my face before my Holy God and Worship Him for Who HE IS!  (And, I did just that!).

Today, during my Bible Study, “Breaking Free” (Updated Edition)by Beth Moore (Oh, how I thank God for his servant, Beth Moore)  I read in the Book of Daniel one of God’s many descriptive names, “The Ancient of Days.”  It was as if a lightning bolt jolted through my soul, heart, and mind.  I felt numb; yet somehow very alive.  I was nearly breathless.  I suddenly came face to face with the realities of another priceless attribute of my God…HE IS and HE FOREVER WILL BE…The All-Knowing; The All-Seeing; The All-Wisdom GOD…The Ancient of Days.  A totally and completely awesome truth!

MY GOD is Alive, Well, and of Ancient Days!  I was suddenly reminded of a place that God has always taken me back to in my mind.  The place where I first “felt” His presence.  The place where I first “knew” of death and its harsh power over life.  I was ten-years-old at the time attending my great-grandmother’s funeral.  We were packed into a very small church in Alabama.  For some reason, people openly demonstrated their grief more in those days (in the 60’s) than today.

The heart-wrenching wails of sorrow and sounds of crying engulfed the tiny church as my precious great-grandmother lie silently in state.  Some family members were uncontrolled of their emotions and overtaken in grief as they actually fainted at the casket and were helped back to their seat.  A most sobering sight for a young ten-year-old.  It was the first time I had ever witnessed my own father to cry.  I didn’t know that he could cry.  I remember getting up on my tiny knees beside him and rubbing his back to comfort him.  I, too, begin to cry.  It was all so tragically sad.

Then, I heard the sweetest sounds of music and singing that I had ever heard.  A trio of singers began to harmonize the words to, “Take My Hand Precious Lord.” I remember that I was suddenly caught up in their Praise, Worship, and Faith in a God whose presence, according to the Preacher that day, my great-grandmother now lived.  People’s hearts began to be comforted and replaced with words such as, “We’ll see her again on the other side.”

Through out the years, I would come to attend even more funerals in that tiny church; each one representing another loved one gone to be with Jesus.  Not only are my great-grandparents, several aunts, uncles, and cousins buried at the church’s cemetery, but so is my dad’s mother who died when I was only two-years old. I really never knew her, but for some reason I have missed her my entire life.

Often; especially during the quiet hours of the night, my mind and thoughts will go back to that tiny church and all the graves surrounding it. At times, it seems to be almost haunting. But, today I experienced a new freedom from the memories of that place; a liberty. God rolled back the curtain and showed me that this place is my personal “Ancient” place of Hope.  It is the place where His Presence first entered into my heart and into my mind.  No wonder He kept taking me back to this spot over and over again!  He is my Ancient of Days!  He is my place of safety and refuge from all the pains and hurts of this life.  He, our Lord, can be counted upon to always be right there with us.

God wants to remind me that I am “anchored” by an ever-present Faith in God; the God of my ancestors whose testimonies I have heard about down through the years of my life.  My ancient place of refuge and strength.  He’s the shelter from my storms.

Many years ago, I was told that my great-grandmother was known for her willing service to others and of her love for God.  She was called Aunt Mary by those within the church and community.  I was told that she often cooked for friends and even helped to deliver some of the babies in the tiny rural community.  What a sweet testimony to leave to her children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren.  A legacy to honor.

Today, you may have your own ancient place of refuge and strength that you go back to.  An earthly connection to your past and who you are.  The place where you first felt the overwhelming and overshadowing presence of a Holy God.  If so, let the Ancient of Days take you back to that place without Fear!  He is only trying to show you that He is ever-present in your life and not one tear has ever fallen from your eyes that He did not see.  Blessed be the name of Jesus.

Oh, for the Presence and Assurance of the Ancient of Days.  To be able to feel his presence in All of our days.  All of the days in the lives of our ancestors; all of the days in the lives of our children and grandchildren; and all of the days for future generations; as long as our prayers can reach…May His presence be forever known.

When I die, I, too, want the song, “Take My Hand Precious Lord” to be sung at my funeral.  I pray that my children and grandchildren, and possibly even great-grandchildren, will be comforted by the same God of Ancient Days who first comforted me in that tiny church in Alabama.  I hope that they, too, will hear of and know of my faith and determination to keep the faith and finish my course with Jesus Christ until I stand in the presence of the Ancient of Days.

This may be your prayer as well.  If so, I know that God will honor our heart’s desires; especially when they line up with His Will to see loss souls saved, rescued, and lives changed by the One and Only… Ancient of Days. Amen.

Remember, God Loves You!

Lin T Rollins, Author


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