The Great Physician

The Great Physician…I have always said that if I know my Lord and Savior as anything, I know him as the Great Physician….all the way from having open heart surgery at the age of ten for a blocked aorta artery to surviving a brain aneurysm at the age of fifty and a recent cerebral bilateral vertebral artery dissection with hemorrhage at the age of fifty-five.

Many Christians believe that it is God who heals, and it is God who has given doctors and nurses (and other health-related professions) their abilities, knowledge, and wisdom to medically treat lives. I, too, possess this belief.  For, I know, all too well, that Dr. Jesus, The Great Physician, can and does come on the scene to heal our bodies, minds, and spirits.

Clinical studies have been conducted that conclude that patients who possess “Faith” tend to recover better, quicker, and have less complications than those who possess no faith.  Based upon these studies and their findings, there are physicians, clinics, and hospitals all across the globe that provide care, support, and attention to man’s spiritual needs as well as their physical, emotional, and mental needs.

My own personal life has been no exception.  As long as I can remember, even as a child, it seemed that I held an understanding that God was and is in control of our daily physical lives.  I have a great love and respect for the medical field and once aspired to become a registered nurse.  Even though my life eventually took me in another direction, I did spend the first twelve to fourteen years after graduating high school working in the medical field; first as a medical receptionist and insurance clerk to eventually holding the positions of  supervisor and coordinator of emergency room and in-patient admissions at two different hospitals.

(Personal Note…I left the medical field in 1989 to work in the school system as a teacher’s aide and administrative secretary.  This decision eventually lead me, at the age of forty, to attend college to obtain a Bachelor’s degree in middle-grades education and later a Master’s degree in Educational Leadership and Supervision. So, I have basically known two different careers in my lifetime; the first one in the medical field and the second in education.  I have great respect for both.)

I can truly testify that I have experienced God’s healing powers and protection throughout my life.  One case in particular.  At the age of thirty, while working at a hospital in downtown Atlanta, Georgia as the Emergency Room Admissions Coordinator, I took very ill.  For weeks, I had noticed a general malaise feeling that seemed to be getting worse.  I started running fever and sweating throughout the day. One afternoon as I was stepping out of the elevator to walk towards my office, which was located across from the Trauma Center, I simply started passing out.  One of the emergency room attendees saw me and ran over to catch me.  I was wheeled to one of the examing rooms.  I’m not exactly certain what all took place while in the emergency room, I only know that hours later I awoke in a hospital room as an in-patient.

Tests revealed fluid around the heart, blood in the urine, swollen lymph nodes, and elevated T- levels…all pointing to Chronic Epstein-Barr Virus or possible Lupus.  Added tests pointed towards Lupus.  I knew all too well about the devastating diagnosis of Lupus.  My grandmother, on my father’s side, died at thirty-nine from complications associated with Lupus.  I feared for my life.  I just knew that I couldn’t die or become too ill to carry out my duties as a wife and mother.  My daughters were only eight and ten years old at the time. I had too much to do and too much of life ahead of me to get this sick.

In addition to blood work, MRI’s revealed a small mass in my pancreas, and studies of my kidneys showed decrease in functions.  My entire body was havoc with pain and malaise. For the next year, I underwent a battery of tests, doctor visits, and medications geared towards reducing the inflammations throughout my body.  Doctors wanted to do a biopsy on both my kidneys and pancreas.  But, I was determined that God would heal me, so I declined both biopsies.

Fortunately, I worked around several good doctors who believed in God’s healings as well.  Daily I would take the prescribed meds.  Night after night after night, I would place my hands, one on my back across the kidney region and the other on my abdomen, and pray for God’s healing energies to enter into my body and heal these areas.  I continued to work my job at the hospital, take long naps in the evenings after I got home, care for my family’s needs as best as I could, and conduct my duties as a new pastor’s wife (My husband had just taken his first church as pastor).

I continued this routine (of placing my hands over the two areas of my body and prayer) for one complete year.  Day after day, morning after morning, I would awaken in such bodily pain.  Yet, one morning as my eyes opened, there was NO pain anywhere in my body.  My throat wasn’t sore, my stomach wasn’t swollen, there was no nausea, and my arms and legs didn’t ache.  No pain.  I rushed to the bathroom where my husband was getting ready for his day to announce, “God’s healed me! I’m not hurting anywhere!”

I made an appointment with my doctor who ordered another MRI of the abdomen and kidney function tests….They both came back NORMAL!  I passed both with flying colors!  The bulging mass located in the pancreas one year earlier was gone, and the kidney function tests came back normal.  Lymph nodes throughout my body were once again normal size.  It was concluded that I was suddenly and miraculously in remission.  But, I knew I was healed! I had touched the hem of His garment and He had been made whole! Praise be unto God!

To this day, my blood work stills shows evidence of the disease “once” being active in my body.  Yet, Praise be unto God, it remains dormant.  God has not only allowed me to see healing from this illness, but He has also allowed me to live through a brain aneurysm repair and a cerebral bilateral vertebral artery dissection.  Today, even though I am now medically retired, I am still able to carry out many of my daily functions with only minimum restrictions and limitations.  I can only give God the Honor and Praise for these physical healings and blessings in my life.

I know that God chooses several different ways to heal people’s bodies and lives.  Some, he touches directly and they are healed without medical intervention.  Others, He, along with doctors and medicines, brings healing into our lives.  Still others, He chooses to bring about eternal healing.  This is often the hardest for those of us left behind to accept.  Yet, as believers, we shall all one day receive our own eternal healing when we pass from this life to live forevermore in the presence of our Lord and Savior…The Great Physician…

Today, I know of several friends who are battling cancer and other life-threatening conditions in their lives.  I am sometimes amazed and awed by their faith and determination.  I can only pray that through God’s grace and mercy each of these will find God’s healings while here on earth and be able to continue their lives as desired.  Yet, I also know that God is Sovereign in His will and we do not always fully understand His path of healing.  But, no matter the path He chooses, The Great Physician can and will bring healing into our lives by faith.

Want you pray this prayer of Faith with me, “Father God, Creator of all Heaven and Earth, we bow before thy presence this morning asking you by Faith to always be the Great Physician in our lives.  We pray for those who are suffering today from cancers and other diseases to be comforted and physically healed while living on this earth; if it be thy blessed will.  Grant those who are suffering the strength and courage to make it through another day. We know that you are the Great Physician who can be touched by the feelings of our infirmities.  We thank you Oh, God, for your tender mercies and continuous care and provisions for our lives.  Be with thy servants, your doctors and nurses, as they carry out their talents, gifts, skills, and abilities to minister to our physical, mental, and emotional needs. We thank you and Praise you for your Creative and Healing powers over our lives.  And, we thank you that one day we shall all receive our eternal healings when we pass from this life to live with you forever more.  We pray also for You to be with the family members and friends of those who are suffering today.  Grant them peace, acceptance, and courage to face each and every day in Thy power.  For the joy of the Lord is our strength.  We thank you for what you have already done and for what you are going to do.  Thank you for the miracle that lies just around the bend.  Yes, thank you for that wonderful miracle in the making.  In the name of Christ Jesus we do pray.  Amen.”  

Remember, God Loves You…

Lin T. Rollins, Author

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  1. Pretty great post. I simply stumbled upon your blog and wished to say that I have truly loved surfing around your weblog posts. In any case I will be subscribing on your rss feed and I am hoping you write once more soon!

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