The Word of God

The Word of God…And, the Word became flesh and dwelled among us…John 1:14

We all need to Study more The Word of God…There is a significant amount of power found within the meaning of “The Word of God.”  First, it is found in the book of Genesis.  “In the beginning…”  God SPOKE the worlds into existence.  Yes; he just SPOKE the Words and what wasn’t suddenly became what was and is!  And, I’m sure he didn’t have to repeat himself; not even one time!  No, his words were and “are” clear and filled with amazing creative powers…So much so that you and I are still, today, existing and living within the worlds that were created by God’s own Words.

Now, let’s look closer at the words, “And, the WORD became FLESH.”  Did you see that?  The same creative power became Flesh…in other words…human…Yes, the Word became in the form of human flesh through the miraculous birth of Jesus Christ!

And, what is even more wonderful, the Scriptures teach us that, “In the beginning was The Word and the Word was WITH God and the Word Was God.” (John 1:1 KJV).  Now, it is clearer why God used the plural pronoun, “Let US make man in OUR image..” (Genesis 1:26 KJV) instead of, “Let ME…”  There were two present…God the Father and God the Son.  Amen.  Actually, there were three present…And, the Spirit of God moved upon the waters.”  I love it…There we have God the Father; God the Son; and God the Holy Spirit revealed from the beginning!

Today, the wonderful power of God’s Word is present with us through the form of the Holy Spirit or Holy Ghost as He is sometimes referred to in the Scriptures.  Yes, when you and I became “believers,” saved and sealed unto the day of redemption, the Holy Ghost took up residency within our bodies.  Each moment, from the onset of our conversion, we are filled with the Holy Ghost…the third form of God in the Trinity of God the Father; God the Son; God the Holy Ghost.  Amen.

Now, we also have another source of power that supports our lives in Christ Jesus…we have His written Word through the form of the Bible…God’s instructions to man.  And, the more that we stay in God’s word, studying and meditating, the more of God’s power we have upon our lives.

Does this mean that the more I read and study God’s Word the better my life will be?  Yes; it does.  You will be better equipped to deal with life’s stresses, trials, and tribulations (great conflicts and afflictions that come upon our lives).

Now, there’s something that we all need to understand better.  From the time Jesus Christ was manifested in the flesh (God manifested in the flesh through the person of Christ Jesus), He was tempted and tried of Satan…(God’s eternal enemy who will one day be destroyed for evermore!)

Because, as believers, you and I have the Holy Spirit dwelling in us, this makes us enemies of Satan’s, too.  And, like Satan tried and tempted Christ Jesus, he tries and tempts us as well.  The wonderful thing is that Jesus NEVER once failed to any of Satan’s tactics of defeat.  Jesus was UNDEFEATABLE!

But, how did Jesus manage to win over Satan….The Bible teaches us that Jesus responded to Satan’s temptations by saying, “It is Written…”  What is written?  God’s WORD is written!  Isn’t that wonderful!  The very second that you and I became believers in Christ Jesus we were possessed by The Word!  “It is Written…” dwells within us!

And, to give us even added defense against Satan…We have the written word in the form of the Bible.  The Bible is not a book to hold and house pictures and other artifacts of importance from our lives…it will an instruction manual as how to operate our daily lives according to God’s plan and purpose.

I am amazed when people say, “Oh, I didn’t know that was in the Bible.”  Or, use quotes such as, “God will never put more on us than we can bear…” which is NOT in God’s word.  What God’s word says is, “My GRACE is sufficient…”  And, it is more than sufficient to meet our every need.  We need only to READ the Word to know what it contains.

I once had a former Sunday school teacher who actually said to me, “You know I never seem to get an opportunity to read the Bible that much.”  I nearly swallowed my tongue!  Yet; it answered some questions I had…I realized why their teachings never went deeper than Noah’s ark or the three Hebrew Children.  Even though these are powerful and foundational stories of truth that we all need to fully understand…there are sixty-six books in the Bible and each one is filled to the realm with wisdom and knowledge.  If you desire more wisdom and knowledge within your lives…then, read and study more from the Word of God.

I like commentaries; I do.  I love to study other people’s insights into God’s Word. But, nothing takes the place of simply taking His word and reading it for myself.  I love it when the Holy Ghost reveals things to me directly from His word.  When this happens, I know it is God speaking to my heart and to my life directly!  Amazing.

Today, you may wish to set aside time to be alone with God’s Word and let it penetrate deep inside of your heart and brain…this is how we change our lives and become a testimony to those around us.  You can only “fake” it so long…After a while, you must have the real thing dwelling in you….. or you will eventually fail.

Wives, let me just encourage you for a minute….don’t depend solely upon your husband’s knowledge of the Word.  Yes, be respectful and honor him for the knowledge and wisdom God has given him through the Word…But, know the Word for yourself… Not to argue your knowledge against that of your husband’s, but to have a greater and sweeter relationship with God personally.  God wants to fill your life with His word just as much as you will allow Him to do so.

One of the things that I truly enjoyed when listening to my husband preach was when he quoted Scriptures.  As he quoted familiar scriptures, I could  quote along with him from my own heart and mind.  For me, it was a connecting tool of Grace between our hearts and minds.  I can do the same thing when I hear other men of God preach, but it is never the same as when I hear the precious voice of my own husband sounding out God’s word!

As you can see, I love to read and study God’s word…It is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path.  When I am unsure about something…I can find the answer(s) in God’s word.  I don’t have to “guess” what God’s perspective is on a matter…I have His word to Know what His perspective is on a matter.

In today’s society, we are looked down upon when we use the Bible as our compass in life…Yet, one day all those who mocked and ridiculed God’s word will stand before the Great White Throne of Judgment and will be cast into the lake of fire…the second and eternal death (lasting separation) from a just and loving God.  Oh, that we would embrace The Word of God!

Remember God Loves you.

Lin T. Rollins, Author


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