Key in the Sand

Key in the Sand…Over the years, God has done some pretty amazing things for both me and my family. I have personally experienced His healing touch on my physical life and witnessed His protecting hands upon all of our lives.

But, one amazing thing He done for me stills, to this date, blows my mind away!  My husband, our three teenage daughters, and I were vacationing one summer in Panama City Beach, Florida.  The weather had been beautiful all week, and everyone was having a swell time lying out on the beach and swimming in the warm Gulf waters.

It came down to the last day of our vacation. So, naturally we stayed out on the beach pretty much the entire day.  It was finally time to go inside to get showered and dressed for our evening meal.  Everyone was hot, sweaty, and tired from the hot sun.  Each of us had our hands filled with towels, ice-cooler, and beach bags.  To me, it always seems like you are ten miles away from your condo when walking back from the beach! The hot and weighty sand drains and zaps your energy!

We finally made our way through the lobby, up the elevator, and to the room.  My husband reached inside of his pocket in his swimsuit to get out the room key. (Back then, they were still using old-fashioned room keys instead of today’s modern swipe-cards!).

Nothing. The key was not inside of his pocket.  We all put down our belongings and started searching inside of every bag, towel, and object in hopes of finding the key.  Nothing.  We opted which one of us would have to make the trip back down to the lobby to get another key.  My husband lost out.  So, he…not a happy camper at this point…made his way back down to the lobby desk to obtain another key while the girls and I sat down in front of the room’s door and waited.

When he returned, he was even more upset than when he left.  Actually, it looked as if fire was actually coming out of his eyes when he stepped out of the elevator!  As he approached the room, he informed me that it just cost him $50.00 to get an extra key.  And, if we didn’t return the extra key along with the “lost” key he would not get the $50.00 back.

Needless to say, once inside the room we all carefully searched again for the lost key.  Nothing.  Then, my husband announced to all of us the worse possible consequence, “I guess we’ll be eating here tonight. I can’t pay for both a lost key and a meal.”  You can only imagine the significant “eye-rolling” going on from three teenage daughters and my new determination to find that key!

While my husband showered, I decided to pray.  After all, God sees and knows all, so I was sure that He knew exactly where to find the lost key.  I told the girls to wait inside the room while I walked back down to the beach.  When my husband came out of the bathroom, as I was leaving the room, he commented, “I don’t know why you are going back to the beach; you won’t find that key in the sand.”

Well, if I hate anything…I hate to be proved wrong!  So, with all the “faith” I could possess I headed back to the beach with one mission in mind…to find the lost key!

As I stepped off from the wooden stairs onto the beach, I wasn’t even quite sure where we had been sitting.  I prayed, “God, you know where we were sitting. Please direct me back to that spot.” I walked closer to the beach still uncertain as to the exact location. 

I finally felt I had reached the spot where we had been enjoying our day.  I looked up into the sky and prayed again, “Lord, you know where that key is…Please show me.”  I looked on top of the sand.  Nothing but white sand in both directions as far as the eye could see.  It would take a miracle to find a small key buried in sand…much like finding a needle in a hay stack.  But, I pressed on.

I decided to get down on my knees and start digging around in the sand.  Wouldn’t you just know it?!  Buried somehow under several inches of sand, I felt something.  So, with adrenalin now pumping through my veins, I dug a little deeper….Yes!! Yes!! Yes!! There it was…our room key!

I was so excited that I nearly jumped straight up from a bowing position!  I lifted the key up towards Heaven and Praised God for His ever-seeing eyes!  God not only lead me back to the spot, had me to humbly bow down in the sand and dig…He allowed me to actually find the key!  You can only imagine how the trip back to the condo wasn’t anything like the previous one.  The hot weighty sand was nothing compared to my enthusiasm of finding the key.

Once inside the building, I made my way up the elevator and to the room.  There, I OPENED the door with the newly found key.  My husband was now sitting on the sofa while the girls were in the bathroom getting dressed.

He could hardly believe his eyes as I opened the door…dangling the key in my hand…Praising God for allowing me to find it!!

See, my husband is a minister, so letting Him see that God hears and answers my prayers, too, is always an exciting happening for me! LOL!  And, God really did show out for me that day…He really did!

That evening, we ate a delicious steak meal at Angelo’s for our last night as we celebrated God’s amazing ways of provision.  God’s eyes are always opened, and He sees all. 

See, God really is interested in our every aspect of life…just like He helped me to find our lost key. It is up to us to exercise our Faith in His all-seeing; all-knowing ways.  I still rejoice to this day for His allowing me to find the Key in the Sand!

Remember, God Loves You!

Lin T. Rollins, Author.


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