Saying “Thank You” Seems So Small

Sometimes, simply saying “thank you” seems so small when someone has done something particularly kind and thoughtful for us.   We want to return the favor.  So, what about God?  What about  when God comes on the scene and does something far above what we could have ever asked or imagined?  When this happens, as it often does, how do we properly “thank” God and show our appreciation to Him?

Personally, I love how the Children of Israel thanked God for his provisions and protection. They held feasts; and mind you these weren’t little feast!  They usually lasted for days and days and everyone in the camp joined in the celebration.  They weren’t afraid to demonstrate their orchestra of spawned emotions and affections for their God; The God of Abraham, Issac, and Jacob.  After all, he (God) was supplying their every need all the way from flying in quail for their dinner, raining down dew that turned into manna for their breakfast, and protecting them on every side from their enemies!  Our amazing and awesome Almighty God!

Yet, today, as Christian believers,  I feel we somehow hold back on our part to celebrate the goodness of God within our lives, and we neglect to “thank” God properly for his daily provisions; especially when he answers our prayers above what we could have ever hoped.

I’m not exactly sure what holds us back…Fear?   Sometimes, when we are receiving a time of blessing within our lives a tiny voice in our head states,  “Sure, enjoy it now, but a storm is just around the bend.”  This is none other than Satan trying to rob us of our blessing and the need to express our wholehearted appreciation and celebration unto God.  He preys on our fears and not knowing what lies around the bend!  But, if the moment is good…then….celebrate the moment in Christ!! After all, Jesus does promise that He will never leave nor forsake us…no matter what lies around the bend!  Rejoice…my child…I say rejoice in the Lord!

Another thing that holds us back is our pride.  After all, what will people think if they see us  “celebrating” and getting all excited about God?  Praise the Lord, the Children of Israel never worried about what their enemies or friends might think when they celebrated, for days and weeks, the absolute goodness of God.  They were too happy and too thankful to care what others might think.  We should be, also.  God is too good to hide our lights under a bushel!! I’m gonna let it shine!

Another reason could be that we are simply too shy and too timid to let our friends and family know when God has done something wonderful for us.  After all, we don’t want to “toot” our own horn; now do we?  But, let me ask you this question;  If God did it….then, how is it that we are not tooting our own horn??  Aren’t we, in fact,  sounding the trumpets of Praise that God prevailed and intervened in our lives…again…again…again…and again!!  Oh, that our voices would lift up His praises…

Why should we be worried about sounding the trumpets of Praise too many times?!!  I mean if we testify that God is controlling our lives…then it is God who deserves the trumpets of praise.  Sound the trumpets!!

I have a friend who reads my blogs and she has three adult sons all who are preachers and pastors. I love this blessing in her life.  Her own parents were such wonderful examples to so many.  Today, their legacy lives on in the lives of their children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren.  What an absolute, wonderful blessing from God upon this family’s life.  Celebrate!! Like all of us, she, too, battles with the ups and downs in life, but God has bestowed upon her this heavenly blessing.  And, I share in her heart’s thankfulness and appreciation unto God.  Sound the trumpets of Praise!

I feel that I, too, am a recipient of God’s favor and blessings upon my life.  Both my great-grandfathers were ministers on both sides of my family; mom’s and dad’s.  My grandfather was a Baptist minister. My husband is a Baptist minister, and I, too, have two wonderful son-in-laws in the ministry; one as a pastor right now in his first church.  These are God’s blessings upon my life and that of my family’s; not anything that I have done or could ever do…but everything that He has done.

Even though Satan tries to frighten me so many times by telling me that I shouldn’t “celebrate” these blessings openly….why shouldn’t I?  They are a blessing from God, and when the children of Israel were blessed…they openly celebrated! Oh, to be in the camp of celebration with the Israelites!

Today, I want to celebrate the goodness and wonderfulness of  my God.  See, today, I received some very good news about a situation in my life.  And, the first thing that Satan tried to do was to rob me of this good news by telling me. “Well, don’t get too excited you don’t know what lies ahead.”  Well, I am simply not going to listen to Satan’s propaganda…not this time!

Today, like the Children of Israel,  I am going to celebrate this “good news” and leave the future in God’s hands.  So, I think I will put on some good Gospel music and dance around the living room (trying not to stumble and fall!)….celebrating the good news of God!!

I hope you will join me today in your own personal celebrations of God’s love, mercy, kindness, provisions, and protection….After all…sometimes, just saying “thank you” seems so small!! 

Remember, God Loves You,

Lin T. Rollins, Author


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