When Doctor Jesus Shows UP

When Doctor Jesus shows up; things have a way of changing…Tonight is Wednesday, August 31, 2011.  I  just arrived home a few hours ago from Emory University Hospital…Again…Again…Again.

Last year, after suffering from a bilateral vertebral artery dissection in the brain, my neuro doctors told my husband and me that they could not guarantee my walking out of Emory Hospital for a third time; the first time was from a repaired brain aneurysm and the second time was from an artery dissection in the back of the brain.  Yet, I suppose God simply wanted to prove them all wrong….I did walk out for a third time…Tonight.  And, this time I walked out with even more added assurance and confidence that God is, and always will be, in control of our lives and destinies.

For the past several weeks I have been having some tightness in my chest with some breathlessness. It became so much so that on Monday night I started throwing up after I couldn’t get my breath.  So, my husband drove me to the hospital.  Being fifty-five-years-old and presenting yourself to the ER with chest pains moves you to the front of the line, even when those standing ahead of you get angry and yell out, “She’s cutting in line!” as you are being wheeled to the back!  I tried to apologize, but my husband told me to turn around and just keep going forward!  I’m sure the people have gotten over it by now!

The EKG was slightly abnormal and with my long line of medical issues,  I was admitted
overnight for observation.  Additional tests were ordered to be done the following morning.

The next morning, I was first sent down for a thread-mill stress test.  After nine minutes on the machine, they had to stop the test due to a “bundled branch lead” and my blood pressure dropping way too low.  After regaining my breath and strength I was then taken for a nuclear dye test.  It, too, showed abnormalities.  As a result of these findings along with the pains I was experiencing, my primary care physician and admitting cardiologist were 99% certain all signs were leading to a blockage within the heart.   With my medical history, everyone felt it in my best interest to return to Emory University Hospital.  So, off to Emory I was transported for an emergency heart cath.

Upon arrival at Emory, I was checked out by one of their chief cardiologist and another younger on-staff cardiologist.  Both doctors agreed that all signs were indicating a blocked artery.  But, they wouldn’t know for certain until they performed a cath.

So, they informed both me and my family regarding the procedure, risks involved, and receiving a stint or possible by-pass surgery; depending upon their findings. I have to admit the thoughts of facing yet another surgical procedure was pretty nerve-wracking and overwhelming after a history of undergoing open heart surgery at ten-years-old for a blocked descending aorta artery, emergency appendectomy, abdominal hysterectomy (the kind you are opened up from the left to right side of your stomach!), breast lumpectomy (benign PTL!), emergency gall-bladder (diseased and falling into my intestines!), repaired brain aneurysm, lumbar fusion L4 and L5 with bone
scraping around the nerve lines, and a bilateral vertebral artery dissection with hemorrhage on the brain that lead to an early and unexpected disability-retirement from teaching school.   Just typing it all is tiring me out! Yet, God is always so good.

I was prepped and taken back for the procedure.  Everyone was in his and her place.  Having such a high-tolerance to meds, the medicine didn’t make me as “loopy” as it should have, so I pretty much stayed awake and alert through the entire procedure.  I could see the tiny camera moving up the artery on the big screen hanging just to the left side of the table.  The two doctors and I talked throughout the whole course of the procedure.

However, to everyone’s amazement and surprise….the cath showed all the arteries in the heart opened and operating at a full 100%.  While closing up, the doctors did say that it is possible to  have “false” readings, but it was a little unusual to have three false readings
on three different tests all at one time.  They were nearly certain to find a blockage. Yet, once inside the heart, everything looked just fine.  No abnormalities or concerns noted.  So, I was sent back to recovery and released after three hours to return home.

So, what happened?  What about the pain that I had been feeling for the past several weeks?  What about the abnormal EKG, the abnormal stress test, and the abnormal dye test?  Well, I think I might very well have an answer…DOCTOR JESUS SHOWED UP…I received a physical healing! What else could it have been??  I believe that it is quite possible that somewhere  along the route between the two hospitals while I was resting on a stretcher inside of the ambulance with so many people praying for me, Doctor Jesus Showed Up and performed heart surgery without one ounce of anesthesia, making an incision, or producing any pain whatsoever.  He  just simply commanded the arteries to open up to 100%; and they obeyed.  After all, Jesus doesn’t do anything less than 100%! And, the doctor said the arteries were operating at 100%.

Tonight, as I lie here resting upon my bed, I have peace of mind and peace of heart.  See,
it’s been forty-five years since my open heart surgery for the blocked aorta
artery.  Yet, tonight not only does the blood flow freely through my aorta, peace flows freely like a river through my soul knowing that God is simply not through with me yet! God has a plan…and his plan is always doable, performable, and unsearchable for His thoughts are not our thoughts and His ways our not our ways…He is God….And, as far as I know…God showed up tonight.

One last point of interest to share.  The chief cardiologist at Emory once lived
next door to the thoracic surgeon who performed my heart surgery back in 1966
when the procedure was still in its primitive pioneer days.  Even though Dr. Hopkins has died and gone on to be with the Lord, his tremendous skills, dedication, and hard work remain a part of my life today.  As the chief cardiologist moved the cath camera across the repaired artery, he stated out loud, “Bill and the boys did a great job back then; everything’s still holding up fine.”  Now, to me, that’s pretty amazing stuff.

Thank you sweet Jesus for the innumerable miracles you have performed in my life as well as the lives of so many of your children.

Job 5: 7-9 “Yet, man is born unto trouble as the
sparks fly upward.  I would seek unto God, and unto God would I commit my cause; which doeth great things and unsearchable; marvelous things WITHOUT NUMBER.”

See, There’s absolutely not a limit to the miracles God can and will perform in our lives.

Remember, God Loves You.

Lin T. Rollins, Author


3 thoughts on “When Doctor Jesus Shows UP

  1. AMAZING! GOD IS JUST AMAZING! I love reading your blog. Thanks for writing for all of us that read it. You are truly loved by God your Father!

  2. Have been praying for you. God is truly the great Physician. May you continue to feel His touch and peace only He can give.

  3. We were praying and yes God did his work, 100%..We serve such an amazing GOD! I enjoyed reading your blog this evening, and the mere’ mention of Dr. Hopkins, He was a friend to our family too, as my uncle was a patient of his also, we all loved him, what a wonderful and talented Physician.
    We are all so glad you feel like writing your words of thankfulness and they are words of encouragement too, alot more than you know I’m sure So, you are really still teaching, because we are reading your writings just as students, and its great to be a part of your “class”.
    Sister in Christ,

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