Be Ye Kind?

Maybe you are fortunate enough to have never let anything like this happen to you; but unfortunately I have.  Have you ever engaged in a conversation, one that you perhaps initiated, with another person that by the time you ended the conversation you felt overly insecure and downtrodden; as if every good or positive accomplishment you had ever managed to achieve in this life should be tossed into the depths of the ocean or perhaps buried under a tantum truck load of cement??  Sadly; I have.

Boy…Oh, Boy…can some people make you feel inferior, unintelligent, pesky, unworthy, disrespected, and definitely undeserving of their time or attention.  Sad, but it does happen.  And, when it does happen, you want to look at these people and say, “Look, I perhaps don’t meet your level or heights of intelligence or professional experiences (even though you have a ton of your own personal and professional experiences to build upon; yet none as great or valued as theirs!), but do you mind not trying so hard to make me feel inferior, intrusive, unworthy, and brainless ?”  I’m not so sure that these type of people even know how they affect others around them.  But, if they do; Lord have mercy!  They tend to live in a world of their own…Sad.

I know it is taught that no one can make you feel a certain way about yourself unless you allow them to do so.  So, I have been taking lots of deep breaths this evening and trying to remind myself that not everyone behaves in the same way or manner.  There’s plenty of good-hearted and loving people in the world, too.

However, on the flip side, I had the blessed opportunity today to be kind to someone.   This morning I received an unexpected telephone call from a former peer whom I taught with a few years ago.  She is moving back to Georgia and asked me to fill out a letter of recommendation for her since I was at one time her team leader.  I gave her the directions to my home, since she had never been to my house, and said that I would be more than happy to see her and to fill out the form.

After the young lady arrived at my home, we exchanged greetings and I escorted her into the living room.  My husband and I sat down and asked her how she enjoyed living in another state.  In other words, demonstrating a little bit of kindness and hospitality to a fellow human being; not too hard to do.

I enjoyed making positive comments on the recommendation form and sincerely hope that my recommendations will help her to obtain the position she is applying.  I felt honored by being asked to assist.  I don’t know why things like helping others brings a sense of joy to my heart and a feeling of delight to my Spirit; but it does!  She was grateful and appreciative for my time, and I didn’t mind helping one bit.

But, as I said earlier, that’s not always the case with all people.  Some people take their positions and opportunities in life to make others feel “weak,” “needy,” and “less” valuable in society.  Sad.

So, lesson learned….Not everyone on planet earth woke up this morning to be ye kind one to another.  And, face it; I’m not always filled with a bowl full of generosity and kindness dripping from my lips myself. We all have our days, times, and moments.  Maybe, the other person I spoke with today wasn’t having a good day; who knows.

But, here’s some good advise….If there is someone in your life that promotes or stirs downward, negative feelings about yourself nearly every time you see them or talk with them…perhaps it’s a huge sign to stay away from that person and not engage in either professional conversation or friendly chit-chat….After all, you won’t feel too friendly and high-spirited when you finish or walk away!

But, I also had good things happen to me today, as well.  Yea!  Two individuals sent very kind and supportive messages to me regarding my blog site.  And, I saw some of my old peers today that appeared just as excited to see me as I was to see them.  So, not all is lost.  Lesson…Concentrate on the good and let go of the negative!

Perhaps, we all need to be reminded to pause for a moment before we respond to others.  It is possible that they might be feeling a little vulnerable, overwhelmed, and uncertain about things going in their life and might simply need a little friendly assurance, kind words, and support from us.  I simply don’t want to be the person who feeds them to the lions and walks away totally blinded to the negative effect I possibly had on their life at that moment!

But, thanks be unto God for those individuals who are kind and try to be People-Pepper-Uppers; individuals whose smile and tone of voice can make you feel on top of the world; if only for a little bit.  We all need a little more of those individuals in our lives from time to time!  Those who actually practice, “Be Ye Kind One to Another.”  Amen.

So, looking all the way back to my first grade year in school, I remember a sign hanging on the bulletin board that read, “The Golden Rule….Do unto others as you would have others do unto you.”  And, underneath it was written the words, “Be Kind One to Another.”  Nice words to live by.

Now, for closure…I need to let this go…put it behind me…and move on. After all, “Tomorrow is another day!” (I love the movie, Gone With the Wind!)

Prayer:  “Thank you God for the open doors in my life, as well as the closed doors in my life.  Help me to walk by faith through the doors that you have opened and to shun away from those doors that you have seen fit to close; for you know what’s best for me.  Amen.”

Remember God Loves You!

Lin T. Rollins, Author


One thought on “Be Ye Kind?

  1. Yes, unfortuantely there are people in this world who feel it is their God given mission to make other people’s live as miserable as they can. PRAY for them with all of your might, that’s what I do. The way I look at it, they can only build themselves up when they are tearing others down. They are very small people and will one day have to answer to the Father for their actions. My philosophy – I just keep on trying to be as positive as possible, doing as much as I can to make others feel comfortable whether it is emotionally or physically. You can never go overboard by doing that. Just keep on being the nice person you appear to be from you posting above, there are not enough of us out there today.

    J. Boudreaux

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