Jesus Exercised!

Good Morning, I pray that you have a blessed day.  Not sure if I have mentioned this, but my husband, age sixty, has recently begun a diet and exercise program to help lose weight and reduce cholesterol.  I have to admire the tenacity at which he is carrying out this new regiment in his life.

As a part of his introductory fee at the gym, it included a session with a personal trainer.  Me…I am going alone sort of as his “cheerleader!” Due to my health, I am unable to exercise too briskly, so I enjoy a little low-impact “stroll” on the tread mill while he pushes towards his two to three-mile, sweating as he goes, aggressive walk.

Last night, he met with the personal trainer to map out a more efficient plan of exercise and fitness.  I noticed that the trainer kept repeating, several times, “You aren’t getting any results unless you stay persistent, consistent, and see sweat!”

As I was meditating this morning about the Lord, I suddenly remembered that the Bible describes a time in Jesus’ life where he sweat; so much so that his sweat became drops of blood.  This shows me that He was in complete agony of body, soul, and Spirit; persistent and consistent.  But, his sweat wasn’t to help make himself more fit; for he was already God manifested in the flesh (John 1:14).  No, it was in Spiritual prayer to his Father that his sweat became as drops of blood.  Not only did Jesus sweat in his prayer life to His heavenly Father, but he was certainly persistent and consistent in his daily efforts and examples of an efficient prayer life.  And, as a result of his determined dedication, Jesus saw amazing results…including…Victory over death and the Winning of loss souls! 

I realize that it is a rare probability for a natural human man or woman to ever sweat great drops of blood, but wouldn’t it be something else if we worked up a tad of sweat on our brow while on our knees in prayer?  Actually, spending enough time in fervent prayer to see amazing results within our lives and within the lives of those we pray for!  Amazing results.

I admire my husband.  He is following doctor’s orders.  I know that not only does he wish to take care of his physical body, but he also takes care of the spiritual man within through daily prayer and study.

Even though it is very wise to maintain good and proper health through right living, we should also be very wise in maintaining the needs of the Spiritual man as well.  To actually live a healthy, balanced life….we need to take care of both; the physical and the spiritual man.

Today, you and I may never sweat as Jesus did in his prayer life, but we can map out a plan that will help us be more dedicated followers and prayer-warriors…After all I am pretty sure a true warrior, of any nature, sweats at some point in his life.

Jesus, this morning, thank you for your efficient exercise of prayer. So much so, that you saw amazing results that continue today.  I thank you Jesus for your persistency and consistency in demonstrating your love towards all mankind; including me.  Help me to exercise in You Lord by becoming a better dedicated prayer-warrior in my daily life.  Help me to eat the right things in this life such as feeding the Spiritual man with your Word each day.  Thank you for your Hope, Grace, and Mercy in Christ Jesus and for your continued help and guidance in all matters of my life.  Amen. 

Remember, God Loves You!

Lin T. Rollins, Author


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