The Sons of Korah

To some, this morning’s blog title might appear strange.  But, to those who have ever studied the Old Testament you are well familiar with the experiences of Korah  (Numbers 4:1-33) and the later prayers of his descendents.

Korah was God’s “moving man.”  After Aaron and the priest-hood of the Levites packed up the Tabernacle, according to God’s direct instructions, it was the job of Korah and his sons to “move” the packed furnishings to the next location.  In other words, Korah and his sons were like today’s moving vans.  However, in time, Korah and his sons became aggravated and dissatisfied with their job description; they wanted a better job than simply toting and moving the tabernacle each time God directed the Children of Israel to pack up and move!  So, they got up a committee and marched to Moses and Aaron and told them that they wanted a more authorative and elite role than just moving boxes, so to speak.  Also, there is one other added realm to their occupation.  If they touched or even looked at the Priestly instruments…they would die!  How would you like to pick up boxes after boxes of materials that if you saw its contents you would surely die?

You might want to sympathize with Korah and his group of men.  You don’t blame them for eventually getting mad and wanting a better position and job.  YET, Moses talked with Korah and the committee and warned them that it was GOD who had separated them from the congregation to take care of the moving…It wasn’t Moses or Aaron who had made such a decision, but God himself.  At the time, Korah’s frustrations, wrath, and jealousies were raging, so it didn’t matter what Moses said because they wanted equality and justice in the House of the Lord.  So, they continued with their auguring that they wanted to be as important in the eyes of the congregation as Moses and Aaron.  Sound familiar?  Oh, it does to me.  After serving along side of my husband in the ministry for the past thirty years I can truly say that I have encountered many sons of Korah!

Eventually, Korah’s complaining made it to God, and HE became very upset.  So much so, that as the committee of Korah sounded out its verbal complaints, God literally opened up the Earth and swallowed up the entire committee sending them to the center of the Earth; still alive as the Children of Israel could hear their cries as they fell to the darkened pits of the Earth.  But, not only the committee members who were complaining were destroyed, but God also swallowed up their homes, wives, and children!  They all witnessed first-hand God’s judgment on murmurings and complaining.  Sort of scary; isn’t it?

After God brought forth his wrath upon the committee of complainers against God’s chosen men, Moses and Aaron, he instructed them to take the candle-burners the men once held, melt them down, and cover the plates of the altar with the melted gold as a memorial of how much God detested people complaining and murmuring one against another; especially his chosen leaders!

Later, you can read in Psalms 84 that the grandchildren and great-grandchildren of Korah cried out unto God saying, “I would rather be a doorkeeper in the House of God than to dwell with the wicked.”  Changed attitude; wouldn’t you say?  This later generation not only wanted to be careful NOT to complain about the duties and tasks assigned to them by God, but they even wanted God to know that if He simply told them to be a “doorkeeper” that they would be happy and satisfied.  Wow!  There’s a concept!!  Being content and satisfied…True Worship.

Today, so many people want the jobs, tasks, roles, responsibilities, and positions of others; especially within the church. People who were not called of God, nor meet the standards set by God to be called and equipped for certain positions, want to hold those anointed positions of leadership anyway; within their own power and calling.   To be able to do so, they form their own “committees” whether formal or informal (through the telephone, FB, or gossip lines) to tear down the ordained leaders, including the Pastor and his family, in order to lift themselves up to higher positions that they were never actually called of God to do or to perform.  How truly sad.  Without knowing it, they possess the same mindset and sins of Korah.  And, in time they, too, will see judgment.  God have mercy.

How sad today that these things still go on in our churches and among our congregations.  How wonderful would it be if everyone developed the attitude and mind-set of Korah’s descendents, found in Psalms 84, who learned a great and valuable lesson from the sins of their forefathers.  They prayed, ” God, I’d rather be doorkeeper in the House of the Lord…than….”  Let’s substitute the word, “doorkeeper,” for “worker” and subsitute a 1000 days for the pastor’s position or other positions of leadership within the church….Here goes…”I would rather be a worker (Called to do the simplest of tasks) in the House of God than try to be the Pastor; or the Pastor’s wife; or a Deacon; or an Elder; or the Choir Director; or the WMU Director; ot the VBS director; or the pianist; or the organist; or the Sunday school teacher; or the children’s church director.”  Instead of always wanting a more influential title or a higher role, why not just be willing to do whatever it is that God has called, set-aside, and equipped you to do; no matter how large or how small the role might be?  That’s exactly what Korah’s descendents learned to do.  After all, isn’t it God who calls and equips His saints to serve the way he wants!!??

We can all learn a good lesson from Korah and his descendents….stop complaining and murmuring.  Just do whatever the task is at hand…and leave God’s choice of leadership and the ones He chooses to Lead…to God!!!

I know this may be a touchy subject to some, but one worth exploring. I hope it might help someone today to be satisfied more with the role you may have already within the church and local congregation.  “In all things give thanks.”

Remember, God Loves You,

Lin T. Rollins, Author


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