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If you have ever struggled with the deeper meanings to life I highly recommend a good sit down with the Book of Ecclesiastes.  Immediately, you will find that you are not alone in your quest.  Ecclesiastes’ philosophy for life is as current today as it was thousands of years ago when it was first written.  It is an ever-current up-to-date book for all times and all generations. Its chunked-filled words of wisdom drip like the morning dew from each page landing upon our hearts, minds, and souls bathing us with spectacular insights into life’s purpose, plan, and meaning.

The author of the book shares his own personal quest for the true meanings of life and existence.  Mind you, he was in a position where he could do just about anything he set his mind to do; and he did.  Without reservations, he set out to vigorously explore and to enjoy the various forms and experiences of life.  But, what did he find?  What did this great man of curiosity and wealth find that still holds true today?

Let’s find out in his own words.  King Solomon, the son of King David of Jerusalem, states,  in his own words, “Vanity of vanities; all is vanity!”  In order words, he is saying, “Meaningless! Meaningless! All is meaningless!”

But, WAIT!  What on earth do you ever mean that life is meaningless?  He can’t really mean what he is saying!!  Or,  can he?   Yes; in King Solomon’s quest for life…he discovered that self-seeking and self-indulgence ends in nothing more than mere meaningless ways.  However; he did find purpose.  True purpose.  After all of his toils, labors, adventures, and tantalizings of the flesh, he made this final conclusion,  “Let us hear the conclusion of the WHOLE matter:  FEAR GOD, and Keep his commandments; for this is the WHOLE duty of man.  For GOD shall bring every work into judgment, with every secret thing, whether it be good; or whether it be evil.”  Amen.

King Solomon faithfully discovered that….There is a God….And, there is a purpose to life known, at times, only to God.  Solomon discovered that it is our heavenly designed duty, purpose, and destiny to….fully trust and obey God in all matters in life…. “To Keep His Commandments.”

Wow! Did you see all of that? A man, a king mind you, possessing enough money and resources in his life to fulfill every desire of the flesh;  yet, in the end to reach the final conclusion that “fearing God” and “keeping his commandments” is the whole duty of man.  Absolutely Amazing.  Wouldn’t you think that something he had done or seen would have taken first place?  Yet; his final and exhausting outcome to all of his mind-blogging adventures took him right back to the beginnging…His Creator…Our Creator…God.  Amazing.

Several years back, Dr. Rick Warren wrote a book entitled, “The Purpose Driven Life.” It is now a best seller.  Unlike King Solomon, he did not set out to explore every aspect of life by fulfilling his own pleasurable desires and lusts, he simply took the Word of God at face value….And, he, too, concluded that a “purpose driven life” is a life sold out completely to God.  Isn’t it somehow amazing that a king from a thousand years ago and a modern-day author came to the same eternal conclusion….God!  It is all about God…Is it no wonder that King Solomon was even referred to as, “The Preacher!”   His timeless inspiring message still resonates within our ears and hearts today.

It’s a concluded fact birthed into our lives that God is God and there’s not too much any of us can do about that….Or, would ever wish or want to do about that!  Solomon tells his readers, “Much study  is a weariness of the flesh.”  We can study and study and study. Yet, all of our studies and labors will only lead us back to God.

Ask yourself this question.  Why is it that so many wealthy, rich, popular personalities, entertainers, and movie-stars alike end their own lives either through drugs, alcohol, or at their own hands?  Or, they live private lives of misery while pretending to the world that they have it all…. Meaningless!  Meaningless!  Meaningless!  All is meaningless!  A person can have all the monies he or she wishes, have all the Grammy’s a wall can hold, have all the degrees and awards to fill the Smithsonian, have all the clothing, shoes, and make-up twenty-one closets can hold, take as many vacations around the world to the most exotic places on earth….Yet, all of it, at one point or another, will sooner or later become absolutely “meaningless.”  Oh, the disappointments and discouragements in this life when we do not know the “whole duty of man.”  

Today, you may be struggling with the meaning of certain things happening to you or within your life and you, too, like Solomon, seek an understanding.  If so, I encourage you to take out the Good Book, the Bible, and flip to the Book of Ecclesiastes and enjoy the final conclusions of Solomon.   The Book only contains twelve short chapters; yet, every chapter can and will speak to your heart and mind; if you only let it. I pray you will.

Remember, God Loves You!

Lin T. Rollins, Author


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