You Are Not Alone

Do you ever just feel tired, lonely, rejected, overwhelmed, misunderstood, weary, disliked, or even unloved?  I do not know too many people who have not at one time or the other experienced these feelings.  You Are Not Alone.

Satan wants to keep our minds blogged down, blinded, and trapped in a world where we feel physically and mentally tired, unloved, weary, overwhelmed, and all alone.  It is his job to manipulate the minds of Believers in such a way that we feel no one else cares, understands, or can relate to what we are feeling at the moment.  Satan wants us to feel powerless; especially when our own strength fails us and our positive mind-set seems to have abandoned us.  But, I have good news.  God is a God who cares as much about our feelings and mindset as He is the God of the physical universe.  Have you ever just went to God and prayed something like this…

“God, I don’t know why I am feeling so low, so abandoned, so overwhelmed, so tired and so weary.  You have blessed me above measure is so many ways. But, today, at this very moment I just feel overwhelmed, abandoned, and even unloved.  I know this is a lie from Satan, because Thy word assures me of Your Love and Faithfulness, and that I can never be alone because You will always go with me and meet my needs; even unto the end of the world.” Amen.

I am sure that we have all prayed such a prayer at one time or the other; especially, when we are going through low points in our lives.  Let’s look at an entire nation who felt all alone, overwhelmed and weary, to see how God came on the scene to aid; Israel.

Israel was in need of knowing they were not alone.  They had grown weary and were overwhelmed in their efforts. They needed assurance that the God, who had miraculously lead them out of the hand of Pharoah, would also be the God who would sustain them through out all of life.  We read in the Book of Isaiah, 40:28-31,

“Hast thou not known? Hast thou not heard, that the everlasting GOD, the LORD, the CREATOR of the ends of the earth, fainteth not, neither is weary?  (Thank you Sweet Jesus for this assured Promise!) There is no searching of his understanding.  (HE knoweth ALL!)  He giveth power to the faint (downhearted), and to them that have no might (discouraged), he increaseth strength; (Praise the Lord!) Even the youths shall faint and be weary, and the young men shall utterly fall (we cannot accomplish anything within our own strength!);  BUT they that WAIT (trust!)  upon the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.”  Amen.

Let’s face it…When our strength is renewed we no longer feel weary, unloved, disliked, abandoned, overwhelmed, misunderstood, or all alone.  God’s renewed strength flourishes within us and strengthens both our hearts and mind.

Oh, you know the feeling… Suddenly, you feel as if you could conquer the entire world and all of its problems… This is when you feel as if you are mounted up with wings as eagles.  Oh, the precious eagle who has learned to fly high above the storms of life allowing the power of the Wind to transport them from one place and location to another.  One minister I heard long ago said in his message, “You know when we are flying totally in God’s strength we feel as if we could fly over Hell with a water pistol in our hand!”  We feel victorious…Oh, the joy of the Lord’s strength.  Oh, to be able to run and not be weary.

My husband and I have recently engaged ourselves in an exercise program to help reduce high cholesterol and weight loss.  With my health issues, I have to be especially careful. After a twenty-minute mile walk (not even a run!) I am doing anything but feeling strong! Yet, my husband, just two months away from turning sixty-years-old, seems to be doing swell so far. He has even loss six pounds and I have gained a pound!  Physical exercise can sometimes let us down, but God’s proven exercise program will allow us to run and not be weary, walk and not faint!  Hallelujah!

So, today, you might be feeling a little low, overwhelmed, or weary….If so,…take in a deep breath and start God’s exercise program.  His first exercise….WAIT UPON THE LORD and HE shall give you STRENGTH!!  Wow!  Just TRUST and WAIT upon God’ strength to direct your path….He will not fail you…Put your feelings and concerns in His hand and you, too, just like God promised Israel, can walk and not faint….While you are “waiting” upon God, pick up your Bible (a very effective daily exercise!) and take in the nourishment needed from God’s Holy Words….You are NOT alone!!

Remember, God Loves You,

Lin T. Rollins, Author

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