Memory Lane

Who doesn’t like to take a nice stroll down Memory Lane every once in a while; especially when the memories are filled with sweet and good times.  But, some “Memory Lanes” are not so memorable…you simply want to forget them…they feel more like dead-ends.  Even though the “dead-end” memories do enter into our minds at times, it’s better, and much more fun, to think upon the events and times within our lives that were filled with joy and happiness.  Lately, I have noticed on Facebook a whole lot of people posting comments about, “You Know You are From So-and-So If…” Or, “You Know You Went to ____ High School If…”  For the past two nights, I have participated in a discussion group from the town where I grew up and attended high school.  Oh, the comments that have been posted!  They bring back a lot of good memories of my elementary, junior-high, and high school days.  It’s kinda funny the things we remember: summers at the town’s pool, main street, summer baseball, riding our bicycles all over town unafraid and late into the nights, leaving our doors and windows opened at night and not being afraid of break-ins, when the first traffic light was installed, family owned grocery and hard-ware stores, drug-store fountains with milk shakes and fries, favorite teachers ( and some not so favorite!), and how our high school (once grades first through twelfth) has changed so much over the past years.  But, the one thing that we all have in common; we were all from a small town where everyone once knew everyone and our “Small Town America” was the blessed promised-land of our hearts, souls, and minds. 

Today, our little town has greatly changed and you can drive through for hours without seeing a single person you know; unless you still go to the First Baptist Church or the First Methodist Church down town!  I visited my old childhood church, FBC, a few Sundays ago.  As I listened to the preacher, I couldn’t help but notice the beautiful floor to ceiling stained-glass windows behind the choir and pulpit areas, surrounding the baptismal pool, and the exterior stained-glass windows that were placed inside the church back in the early sixties.  They are richly beautiful and add such a sense of serenity and peace. As a child, I loved when the sun would come shining through and light up the beautiful panels.  Also, one panel in particular is my favorite. It stands above the baptismal pool.  It is a beautiful stained-glass painting of Jesus dressed in a scarlet robe holding a tiny sheep while the other sheep gather at his side.  As a child, that painting brought such comfort to my heart. I always wanted to be the tiny sheep in the hands of Jesus!  The picture made me feel safe and secure; as if I had someone looking out for me and looking out for my best interest.  And, I do.  And, you do, too, if you have made Jesus your Savior. 

Today, you may have memories of your own; memories of your childhood, high school days, and close friends.  If so, don’t be afraid to ponder on them for a bit.  Take out an old year-book, like I did last night, and reminisce about school days long gone by.  By the way, I discovered last night, while on the chat line, that I am married to a king!  Never knew it; after thirty-seven years of marriage!  As memories continued to be added to the happy forum, one participate wrote, “Linda, I remember when Richard Rollins and I were crowned king and queen at the seventh grade Fall Festival!”  Now, there’s a memory I didn’t know about! (ha!).  So, this morning when he got up, I proudly remarked, “Good Morning Mr. Fall Festival King, how did you sleep last night?”   Bless his heart.  He shook his head, smiled, and replied, “You know, I’d almost forgotten about that!”  And, believe me…my husband is really “old town.”  Both his great-grandmother, grandmother, mother, along with he and his siblings grew up in the same town….our town…small town… USA. 

Memory Lane…It does the Body Good!

Jeremiah 6:16, “Thus saith the Lord, Stand ye in the ways, and see, and ask for the old paths, where is the good way, and walk therein, and ye shall find rest for your souls…”

Remember, God Loves You!

Lin T. Rollins, Author


One thought on “Memory Lane

  1. Linda, I love your blog! It’s funny you should write about memory lane when that is where I have been this past week. I have been thinking about cheerleading camp, spirit sticks, pep rallies, run throughs and a great group of girls that loved to be together. Thank you for your message. Kim McNeel

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