My Journey of Faith

Today, is our identical twin daughters, Wendy and Stacy’s, thirty-sixth birthday.  Even though I accepted the Lord as my personal Savior at the age of eleven,  it wasn’t until I was eighteen years old and told that I was carrying twins that my true, authentic Journey of Faith began.   I married my husband one month after graduating high school and two weeks after I turned eighteen.  We had only been married for three months when I awoke one morning to a terrible sick feeling and vomiting.  Believing it was a virus, I called my employer and took a sick day.  The sick feeling lasted well into the middle of the day.  Believing the “virus” was over, I planned on returning to work the next day.  However, the episode repeated itself the next morning and the following morning.  This was taking place in 1974 when there was no early, at-home pregnancy tests.  So,  on the third day, I called my physician’s office to make an appointment.  I had now missed three days of work in a row.  Immediately suspecting a pregnancy, my doctor ordered a urine test.  I was told the results would be called within the next two days.  I continued to be sick each day way into the middle of the afternoon.  I could not make it into work. There were no laws in the 70’s to protect women from losing their jobs due to family emergencies or medical leave.  So, on the fifth day of being absent from work, my very “unloving” and “unmerciful” boss called to tell me I was fired due to being out all week.  Even though I told him that I was awaiting news from my doctor, it didn’t matter to him. He had a business to run and my being sick wasn’t going to stand in its way.  I recall hanging up the telephone receiver, going back to bed, and crying as I vomited every few minutes.  That afternoon, my husband came home from work early.  I met him at the door. He had a very concerned look on his face. I knew the recession was hitting hard all around us with inflated prices and people  losing their jobs.  I hated to tell him the bad news of my being fired.  But, he had bad news of his own.  He had been given a “pink-slip” from his employer.  There we were, both suddenly unemployed, with a house note, car payment, insurance, and utilities  due each month.  When I shared with him the news of my boss calling, naturally, he became upset.  I was weak and couldn’t stand up anymore, so I headed off to the bedroom while my husband made calls searching for employment.  That evening, the telephone rang.  It was the doctor’s office calling with the results of my urine test; positive.  I was pregnant.  We were both excited when we suddenly realized that due to our work status, we had no medical insurance.  All the programs offering aid to expectant mothers and their families were not even invented at that time.  After a few weeks and using what little savings we had, we moved in with my parents.  We stored our furniture in their basement and moved back into my bedroom. Not what I had been hoping to do.  My husband found a job not paying too much money, but at least it was work.  My parents helped us out by not charging rent, but we offered to help with extra utility costs.  I met with both the hospital, gynecologist, and pediatrician to set up monthly payments.  It wasn’t the best situation, but we were making it work.  We both possessed a positive outlook on the situation.  At the time, we were also attending the church where my husband had gone as a boy.  The people were very kind to us.  I was now four months pregnant and getting used to our living arrangements.  Everyone around us, including my mother, suspected that I was much farther along than four months. I was already  in maternity clothes and showed a great deal. At my next check-up, the doctor was concerned about my weight gain.  It was also time to hear the baby’s heart beat.  Lying down on the examine table, he took his old-fashioned stethoscope and placed it on my tummy.  Seeming to take forever, he told me that he was sending me over to the hospital next door for an x-ray. (Ultra-sounds were not around in those days!).  Since my mother had driven me to the doctor’s office, she accompanied me to the hospital.  After the x-ray was taken, the technician escorted both my mother and I into a viewing room. We waited patiently.  Then, a doctor entered the room. I could tell my  mother was getting nervous; so was I.  He placed the large x-ray film on a white-lighted board and turned out the lights.  With a pointer, he outlined Baby “A” and Baby “B.”  There they were in front of my eyes…Twins!  He told me that they looked healthy but I would be considered a high at-risk pregnancy from now on.  Sad to admit, but one of the first things that I thought about was, “How are we going to pay for two babies!”  We were already living with my parents and my husband was making barely over minimum wage.  Plus, we had no health insurance to pay for any added expenses.  It was hard to believe that only eight months earlier I had been prancing around my high school without a care in the world.  I was sent back to my gynecologist’s office.  There, my doctor informed me of all the risks involved in a multiple pregnancy; especially it being my first pregnancy, and my being at a younger age.  We needed a miracle.  That evening, I shared with my husband the fantastic news that we were going to have two babies; not just one.  Actually, he was thrilled, and so was I.  How exciting.  Over the next few days, I started to look for a place for us to move.  There was very little room in my bedroom at my parents’ house for one baby, much less two. I found a very spacious apartment not too far from where my parents lived.  My husband sold his car for some added money.  With my not working any longer, we didn’t need the two cars.  Within two weeks, we were living once again in our own place.  The apartment seemed like a castle after lodging five months  in my old bedroom.  But, it did help us to save up money towards all the added doctor expenses.  After we moved into the apartment, I started focusing on what all was going on in our lives and how fastly everything was moving and changing.  I realized that we were going to need all the help we could to raise our babies.  But, I wasn’t referring to physical, human help, I was talking about divine, Spiritual help; God’s help.  I wrote down a list of our needs, starting with the babies’ need.  I asked God for three specific things.  First, that the twins would be born on my original due date sat as July 27th.  Second, that the twins would both weigh over five pounds each.  Third, that both twins would be healthy.  I also wrote down the other needs we were facing.  Each day, I would sit in the beautiful black rocker that my husband had bought for me to rock the babies.  Then, I would pick up my Bible from the table beside the rocker, and I would begin to read from the book of Psalms.  Without actually realizing it, I was beginning to build an “adult” faith in God.  After reading the Bible, I would kneel down beside our bed and read over my list of needs to God with faith that He would meet each one.  Everyday, I practiced this same routine.  Then, it came to July 26th.  My doctor was absolutely amazed that I had carried the babies full-term without a single complication.  The morning sickness finally subsided in my sixth month.  I actually felt very strong and healthy.  The 26th was on a Saturday.  I awoke with a spurt of energy.  I dusted the furniture, cleaned the bathrooms, mopped the kitchen, vacuumed the living room and two bedrooms, and cooked a delicious meal consisting of roast and potatoes.  That night, I walked into the smaller bedroom where we had set up two “borrowed” baby beds and my old chester-drawer from when I was a child.  I didn’t have a changing table or any other added fashions and furniture.  Simply two beds, one chester-drawer, and one rocker.  I already had my suit-case packed with two matching outfits; one for boys and one for girls.  Hanging on the closet door was a diaper-hanger holding seventy-two clean, pressed, white diapers.  Thankfully, I had been given three baby showers.  Knowing that I was expecting twins, everyone purchased two of each item they gave to me.  How thoughtful.  Finally, it was nine o’clock PM, and I was getting tired. I climbed into bed and fell quickly asleep.  At 4:10 AM on July 27th, I felt my first birth-pain.  Not wanting to wake-up my doctor, I slipped out of bed, went to the bathroom, and took a shower.  After all, I wanted to look good!  The pains continued steady for the next three hours. At 7:00, I called my doctor who told me to get straight to the hospital.  At 8:10, the doctor entered the room.  He wanted an x-ray before taking me to labor and delivery.  After the x-ray, he ordered pain meds.  The next thing I remember  was waking up in recovery being told that I had delivered two healthy baby girls.  God had done it!  It was Sunday, July 27, 1975. . Twin “A” (Wendy) weighed five pounds, two ounces, and Twin “B” (Stacy) weighed five pounds, ten ounces!  The three things on my list had all been answered.  However, that evening the pediatrician was called.  Wendy’s blood count was starting to drop to a dangerously low level.  He entered my room and told me that it looked as if she was going to need a blood transfusion.  My heart nearly stopped.  When he left, I crawled out of my hospital bed and slowly walked to the bathroom; unattended.  I closed the door behind me and lowered myself to the floor on my knees in front of the tub.  I closed my eyes and with tears falling down my face, I thanked God for answering my prayers. I also reminded God that he was not a two out of three God and that He could heal Wendy’s blood count without her needing a transfusion.  After my prayer, I pushed myself up from off the floor and returned back to my bed.  A couple of hours later, the nurse told me that they were keeping close eye on Wendy’s blood count.  I continued to pray as I fell asleep.  The next morning, Dr. Cluckman entered the room and said, “Mrs. Rollins, I just came from re-checking Twin “A’s” blood.  I got a call during the night that her blood level was increasing.  This morning, I can tell you that her blood level is normal and it doesn’t appear that she will need a transfusion after all.”  This new mother knew exactly where that miracle had come from….God!!  God had honored my faith and the things I had written down on my list.  My Journey of Faith had begun.  Within the next year my husband found a new job paying more money and I found a part-time job as a secretary working for a very nice man and his wife.  We continued attending church on a regular basis and watching God move in our lives.  Seventeen months after the twins were born, I gave birth to our third daughter, Kristy.  Three daughters under eighteen months!  Once again, I made my list and God met every need.  Today, all three daughters are serving God.  Our youngest daughter, Kristy, is married to a Baptist pastor.  Wendy and her husband are co-directors for AWANA’s at their church, and Stacy and her husband serve God through their church and the business they own.  My husband and I have nine wonderful, healthy grandchildren.  Today, I can still recall the “list” I wrote back in 1975 that began my Journey of Faith. God is so able to hear and answer our prayers.  Today, you may be concerned and apprehensive about the needs in your own life.  I would like to suggest that you, too, make a  list.  Write your needs down on a list, take out your Bible and study God’s word , and pray for God to meet your needs. You’ll be amazed at what all God can do.

Remember, God Loves You,

Lin T. Rollins, Author


2 thoughts on “My Journey of Faith

  1. I really enjoyed reading this story(loved being a part of your past and learning about the twins birth)and how your adult faith started.God is faithful and you saw that early and you are still a testimony of God’s faithfulness!!

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