“If My People…”

Anyone living in America who saw our television programs interrupted last night for the President’s emergency address to the people, then followed by the Speaker of the House’s immediate response, has been acutely and keenly made aware of how really bad things are running (or, not running!) presently in our nation’s capital. Whew! As I posted on FB last night, this brought reality TV to a whole different level.  This is very sad for our nation.  As citizens we have voted for our representatives to represent us to the best of their abilities and to be the “voice” of the people.  It seems the process is being challenged at a unpreidented level.  However, I feel, as a Christian, there is an answer. There is a solution. But, it can ONLY be found in one book; the most popular book still being published and sold around the world today, the Bible.  And, before the effective answer can be diligently found within its Godly inspired pages, one must FIRST believe in the Book, and what it says, and be willing to apply what it says to our daily lives. The answer is found within the pages of the Old Testament in the Book of II Chronicles.  In fact, it is found in the seventh chapter and 14th verse:  “If MY PEOPLE, which are called by MY NAME, shall HUMBLE themselves, and PRAY, and SEEK MY FACE and TURN FROM their WICKED ways, THEN WILL I HEAR from Heaven, and will FORGIVE their SIN, and WILL HEAL their LAND.”    First, please notice that God is NOT calling for those who do not believe in HIM or know Him as their Lord and Savior to pray.  No, he is only calling those who believe in him.  For without faith, it is impossible to please God.  God is not instructing the habitual bank robber, murderer, liar, adulterer, drunkard, rapist, drug dealer,  prostitute (male or female), or reprobate to pray.  For the only prayer that God can and will hear from their lips would first be a prayer of repentance.  God is giving instruction for those of us who claim to be Called by His Name…Christians, those who testify of being washed and regenerated by the Blood of Jesus Christ…He is instructing us to PRAY!  To be able to pray an intercessory prayer on behalf of our nation, God instructs that we must first HUMBLE ourselves. Let’s be real…how popular is it today to be a humbled person? For decades, we have taught our nation’s children that humble people simply come in last place. To get that job, to get that promotion, to get that raise, to get that dream-house, to get that car, or truck, or 54″ TV, or Ipod, or IPhone, one must be competitive and PROACTIVE in his or her aggressive attempts to make it to the top; don’t look back, don’t look down, always reaching forward and higher for the golden prize…The American Dream!! We are a nation that fills our sports arenas and stadiums to pay men and women thousands and millions of dollars to entertain us by juggling a ball, stick, or puck.  I love watching sports, but the salaries for the players have become overwhelming.  We sit and watch Hollywood programs, such as Entertainment Tonight and TMZ, to find out which “stars” are getting married, divorced, or going to jail today.  We uplift drunken celebrities like Charlie Sheen to believe that he can put on a traveling show across the country where people will pay good money for him to walk out on stage, take a seat, and spew out babblings of nothing and gross profanities.  Yet, people are actually paying to watch this type of entertainment….Entertainment?  We’ve accepted everything that Hollywood has thrown at us because that is who we have become…a nation of  COMPETITIVE, PROACTIVE, AGGRESSIVE PEOPLE who will stop at nothing to reach their SPOTLIGHT OF SUCCESS, AND GRAB THE PRIZE.  In all honesty, I don’t feel this depicts the definition of being humbled.  Being humble is opposite of being self-centered and self-seeking.  Yet, it did not bother God at all to tell us that before He would step in to heal a nation, the people of that nation would first have to humble themselves. A humbled person looks out for the wellbeing of all  “stakeholders” involved; not just what he or she can get out of the matter.  Next, God instructs us to pray. But, notice he is not interested in our praying until we have first met his prerequisite to humble ourselves; being grateful to a Holy God for His Holy protection and provisions within our land.  You might wonder what do we pray once we have humbled ourselves?  I truly believe that after we humble ourselves before God that the Holy Spirit will fervently place upon our hearts exactly how to pray for our nation, our families, and our individual lives.  I also believe it will be a personal prayer from the heart of each citizen according to how the Spirit leads.  But, this I do know, that many examples are given throughout the Bible of people praying for God’s PROTECTION, PROVISIONS, AND PROMISES to be showered down from Heaven upon their land (nation).  After we have climbed down from our ladders of pride and self-sufficiency, humbled ourselves before God, and the Holy Spirit has directed us on how to pray, then we are to SEEK His Face.  In the Old Testament, Noah was called a Friend of God. It also tells us that Noah found GRACE in the eyes of the Lord.  To see into one’s eyes, you must be face to face with that individual.  Noah only became a friend of God and found Grace in the Eyes of the Lord through His personal relationship and obedience unto God. I believe to seek the Face of God we must be willing and obedient to APPLY the teachings of the Scriptures to our daily lives.  In other words, if the Bible plainly teaches us NOT to steal…then we must be willing and obedient to NOT steal.  If the Bible plainly teaches us to “Do unto others as we would have others do unto us,” then we must be ready to show love and forgiveness one to another.   Has it ever occurred to you that NOTHING has EVER occurred to God??  He knows our hearts and motives in all things. Lastly, God says TURN from our WICKED ways.  I truly believe that if Christians will humble themselves, pray as the Holy Spirit leads, seek God’s face…Then, and only then, will our actions be anointed and an example in such a way as to lead others away from practicing and doing evil!  We, as believers,  must first be the Light to a dark nation before our nation can turn from its current darker days of wickedness.  I believe it is sort of a “trinkle-down-effect” of righteousness.  But, currently, the unrighteous are not seeing many Christians living godly, righteous lives.  In today’s society, there is not too many differences at all between the ways unbelievers conduct themselves and many believers conduct themselves.  For the true promised effects of Christianity to spread, the lost must first see the “difference” in our lives!  Next, after we have followed all of these instructions, God then says that He will HEAR from heaven, and HE will FORGIVE our SIN, and HE WILL HEAL our land.  People, this thing is not going to get any better without God’s divine intervention.  In the Old Testament, Israel’s victories were based upon their relationship and obedience with God.  God’s formula for “blessings upon the land” is plainly spelled out in the Word of God.  For a nation to thrive, to be productive, and to be healthy and sound, the people of that nation must FEAR God.  For, the Fear of the LORD is the Beginning of Knowledge and Wisdom (Proverbs 1:7).  We were once a nation whom feared and honored the Lord. Our forefathers BELIEVED in God through Christ Jesus and they fervently PRAYED and sought God’s guidance and leadership in the building of our nation.  Their knowledge and wisdom to write one of the greatest documents, our US Constitution, ever written by mankind was a heavenly gift of inspiration given to them directly from God.  We will not find this same wisdom, knowledge, strength, or courage until we turn from our wicked ways and seek God’s ways.  I believer that We are a people under God… “One nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”  Today, let the words of our Lord and Creator ring loudly through our hearts, minds, and ears that any nation that turns its back on God shall not, will not, and can not prosper and thrive; but it shall perish.  Like the great Republic of ancient Rome that eventually saw its doom and destruction, so shall we as a nation see our ruin if do not humble, pray, seek, and turn from our evil ways unto a Holy and Righteous God.  I want to challenge everyone to set aside ten minutes a day (longer if you can) for the next seven days to fervently seek God on behalf of our nation and its leaders.  It appears that we are facing a national crisis in more ways than we can handle on our own.  I do believe that God can turn this whole nation around…Don’t you?

Remember, God Loves You!

Lin T. Rollins, Author


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