Sleepless Nights…Pray!

The clock on my computers reads 4:18 AM. Yet, I have been up since around 3:00 AM.  Those “Sleepless Nights” when the sweet, peaceful slumber of dream-time seems to pass you by.  When I can’t sleep I pray.  I allow my mind to ponder and meditate over the issues in life that I am concerned for and even worried over.  There, I said it. I admit that even as Christians we find ourselves apprehensive over the outcomes of certain matters, situations, and circumstances within our lives and the lives of our loved ones and friends.  Maybe, it’s not worry as much as it is concern and “bowels of mercies” that God will come on the scene and make everything right once again.  I mean, after all, it’s hard to just shut out the world and all of its woes.  At times like this, I am glad that I am not alone.  The Bible gives many examples of great men and women of  faith in God who meditated and prayed upon their beds weeping and calling out to a Holy God on behalf of their lives, the lives of others, and the circumstances surrounding them.  We read in the Book of Daniel that while in captivity, Daniel prayed three times a day.  Jeremiah was known as the “weeping prophet” for he cried out to a Holy God day and night on behalf of Israel.  Jesus, himself, is recorded as weeping at the death of his own friend, Lazarus, even though He knew at the very time that He was going to demonstrate a great miracle by bringing Lazarus back alive from the grave.  Nevertheless, Jesus wept and had compassion.  And, Paul and Silas, while locked up in prison, prayed and sang songs at midnight.  Prayer time just doesn’t come between the daylight hours of nine to five!  I think about one such man of great faith, King David, who was called the “Apple of God’s eye.”  Let me ask you a question; How would you like to be referred to as the “Apple of God’s eye?”  What an amazing and awesome relationship King David had with God.  Amazing.  Young David, even before he was anointed King of Israel, was so courageous and zealous of the mighty works and Hand of God in so much that he marched unto the battle field of Israel and the  Philistines to fearlessly challenge their great giant, Goliath, that in the “Name of the Lord of Hosts,” he would defeat him. (I Samuel 17) Then, we read that little David took five small stones (five representing Grace) from the riverbed and placed one stone in his sling and thrust it forward striking the enemy of Israel to the ground where David then proceeded to walk over, take the giant’s own sword from its sheath, and behead the fallen Goliath; enemy of Israel.  Wow!  What an amazing story of faith, power, might, and love.  You say, Love?  Yes, love.  David possessed an AGAPE love for God and a devoted love for his country.  David was no longer going to stand around listening to the stories of the Giant taunting Israeli’s army and making fun of their God.  Don’t you wish that we could gallantly march out on the battlefields of our minds, take up our “stones of faith,” and thrust them towards the giants of discouragement, defeat, and concern knocking them down and forever defeating them from our lives? Oh, what sweet victory.  Yet, we read that David boldly spoke to the Philistines, “The Lord saveth…for the battle is the Lord’s.” I earnestly believe that the victorious secret with little David is that he was so engulfed with Faith in God that he charged forward in full assurance that God would be there to defeat his enemies no matter what.  He was that assured of God’s love for him and for the nation of Israel.  I believe that David’s assurance of God’s love was what delighted God in so much that God, himself, referred to David as the “Apple of His Eye.”  I want that.  Don’t you? I want to be so filled with faith and assurance in God’s love for me and all those I love that all the battles in my life are won by the unseen Hand of God.  I, like you, have experienced these types of victories in my life.  But, tonight, or this morning rather, I am not as concerned about me right now as I am concerned about others around me.  I am praying for them and for their lives to be accomplished and protected by God.  I believe that when we are willing to stand in the gap-of-prayer on behalf of others, we will find ourselves sacrificing a few nights of sleep here and there.  Yet; I think it’s ok.  I believe God will honor our heart’s desire for His Hand of Protection to be upon the lives of our loved ones and friends.  Don’t you?  So, what the Devil may have us to call “worry,” can actually be a time of great supplication and prayer when we say, “I come to you (all of my concerns) in the Name of the Lord…for the battle is the Lord’s.”  What powerful words little David used to face his enemy.  This morning, I come to all of my concerns and supplications, “In the Name of the Lord.”  I take up my five stones of Faith and cast them towards my enemies in full assurance that God will overcome and win….Afterall, “The battle’s not mine, I give it to you, Lord, it’s thine.”  I wish for you a great victory today.  Amen. 

Remember, God Loves You!

Lin T. Rollins, Author


One thought on “Sleepless Nights…Pray!

  1. What a blessing this blog is to everyone who reads it. I find encouragement in the words that you write. You are a blessing and I just wanted you to know that. We love you!

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