What’s Behind the Darkness?

As a kid, do you remember being afraid of the dark?  I do.  I’m talking about real fear before “night-lights” were so popular, and if you asked your dad to leave on a light, he would simply reply, “No, go to sleep!”  I also recall our house not having any type of central or room air-conditioning, so my mom would prop-open the windows at night with a stick.  There I would be lying in the dark, with the windows opened, scared out of my little mind! When the winds would start blowing the thin sheers that hung over the windows, I would become, if even possible, more scared.  Honestly, I don’t think I slept at all between the ages of three and eight!  The older home where we lived also had only one closet, and it was located in my tiny bedroom. The doors of the closet stretched from the floor to the ceiling.  I hated that closet…another thing that scared me. I guess in looking back over the situation everything about that house scared me including the creepy sounding hardwood floors and the floor-furnance….also located in my bedroom! I could see the blue flames when it would come on and heat up.  Fear; everywhere around me during the night was something to fear!  No one could have been happier than me when my parents moved out of that house when I was nine-years-old! Yippee!  But, such experiences of fear as a child can often help us to stay away from the “darker side” of life as adults.  What is the darker-side?  The Bible teaches in the Book of Ephesians (6:12),  “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the ruler of the “darkness” of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.” W0w!  No wonder we learn to be scared of the darkness.  My grandmother used to say, “Nothing good happens after mid-night.”  It’s not a coincidence that rousing parties and drinking usually occur in the dark with only minimum lighting.  Other “darker” acts in life often take place in the physical darkness of day: lies, fornication, adultery, murder, stealing, and disobedience.  After all, people don’t want to be seen when they are engaged in such activities; spun none other than by the “ruler of darkness of this world.”  Many years ago, my husband was given a set of tapes called, “Closet Witches.” Believe me, you don’t want to listen to these tapes alone; and if you do….be prepared. These tapes expose the many works of darkness that happen around us each and everyday including within our own churches.  Testimony after testimony are given of people who once obeyed the voices of darkness before coming to the Light; Jesus Christ.  Many of these people practiced witch-craft and other forms of sorcerers. Their powerful testimonies will cause the hair on the back of your neck to stand straight up and to sleep with one eye opened for a few nights!  But, thanks be unto God and His unending mercies, these people were able to come out of darkness and live holy lives unto God. Amen.  One young lady’s testimony included her being sent out by her “master” to interrupt and cause disturbances within various local assemblies within her community.  Week after week she would worship the powers of darkness.  Then, on Sundays, she would attend a church in the area to conjure up some type of confusion, strife, and/or dispute amongst the people.  Her primary goal was to see the churches she attended to become overly burdened with problems after problems; keeping them from being affective in their witness.  As the years went by, she became very good at succeeding in her goals. She boasted of the numerous churches she had helped to produce evil works of darkness.  However, she eventually visited a church that stood their ground, and this time she didn’t reach her goal; but the church reached its goal. This time the people were wise in the Words of God and credited Satan, not one another, for the increasing problems they were encountering.  This time instead of the congregation taking out their frustrations upon one another and playing the blame game, they stood united by claiming the Blood of Jesus to overcome any and all troubles they were experiencing.  Week after week the young lady attended the church looking like an innocent angel while praying to the gods of darkness to bring havoc upon the church. No one in the church ever imagined for a single moment that the sweet young lady who had come into their congregation was possessed by the powers of darkness. Instead of the congregation breaking up, as so many do under pressures, they stood firm in the belief of Good over bad, and Light over darkness.  Six months into her plan, she started becoming weaker and weaker each Sunday in her prayers to the gods of darkness.  The power of the prayers of the congregation were prevailing and providing a shield against the rulers of darkness. Within a year of her first attending the church, she walked the aisle to surrender her life to Jesus Christ.  Upon her profession of faith, she revealed to the church who she was and what her plans and goals had been for their church.  It took a long time for her to completely come out of the practices and powers of darkness; but eventually she was freed and became a great worker for the Lord.  Today, instead of blaming so-and-so, and so-and-so for misfortunes happening around us, we need to know who is behind the “darkness” of evil thoughts and imaginations….It is the ruler of darkness…none other than Satan, The Devil, That old Serpent, Lucifer.  Satan does not like to be exposed; he rather carry out his works of evil in the dark. But, by coming to the Light; Jesus Christ, we can overcome the ruler of darkness within our lives.  Today, I am so glad that Jesus revealed his Light unto me when I was eleven years old.  I am no longer afraid at nights, I can actually sleep without a light on, because I know Christ Jesus is my light and He will keep me from the works of darkness.  Today, you might be fighting with the works of darkness in your own life.  If so, I encourage and invite you to call upon Jesus.  If you don’t have someone with you who can help you in your decision, seek out a nearby church and speak with the Pastor regarding your choice to become a follower of Christ Jesus.  You will never regret it….Jesus is the Light and in Him there is NO darkness (I John 1:5).  Amen.

Remember, God Loves You,

Lin T. Rollins, Author


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