There is nothing more humbling to witness than a leader who submits his or her leadership role, duties, and responsibilities unto God.  A few years back, I attended a leadership conference based upon the philosophy of servant-leadership.  As the key-note speaker provided examples throughout history of successful leaders, he ended the conference with the Biblical examples of King David and Jesus Christ; very appropriate I thought.  By ending his program with these two individuals, the second King of Israel and the King of all Kings, he provided a powerful illustration based upon spiritual truths to the foundational success behind the philosophy of servant-leadership.  Without possessing a humbled, servant-leadership heart, leaders can easily become dictators, overly authorative, high-minded, self-seeking, and self-centered. I can honestly say that I have worked for bosses, in both the medical field and educational field, who practiced servant-leadership roles and those who practiced more of a self-seeking, self-serving, and self-centered role.  You can nearly spot the ones who are self-seeking right from the start.  You know that they are only interested in “stopping by” for just a little while on their way to the top!  They make all the “right” decisions to impress their superiors, but think very little of those who are under their leadership and command.  This type of attitude within leadership is a far cry from servant-leadership.  I have also had the blessed opportunity to work with some of the most wonderful leaders imaginable.  These are the leaders who arrive to work earlier than their staff in order to set things up for success and to pray over the day.  Many of them are now serving in very high positions within our counties’ and state’s educational systems.  I salute these fine men and women who adopted a servant-leadership mind-set and helped to make everyone’s day more enjoyable, successful, and productive.  However, there is more to a true servant-leadership mindset than simply adopting the philosophy.  I believe there must be a genuine relationship involved; a relationship with Christ Jesus, the King of Kings.  Jesus Christ  set the ultimate example of being humble and obedient to His Father, God, in all things he spoke and performed while here on Earth.  He never wavered from His goal of being obedient unto the Father; even unto death.  The Bible gives many examples in the New Testament of  Jesus “serving” his disciples and those who sought after Him with their physical, emotional, and spiritual needs.  He is the “Giver” to all whom seek after Him.  With this thought in mind, what a difference our world and lives would be if all leaders knew Christ Jesus as their personal Savior and followed his lead and commands in their ways and mannerisms for which they conduct their lives.  Today, too many of our leaders use their roles for self-indulgence and self-fulfillment, as well as carrying out acts of immoral and unethical sins.  How many leaders in the past few years have had to step down from their positions due to the direct cries of their constituents and peers because of immoral acts of misconduct?  Far, far, too many.  It is a shame; a true shame and disgrace.  However, I wonder how much of it might be our own faults?  “What?”  I can hear you say.  “It’s not my fault what these men and women do with their lives.”  But, is it?  The Apostle Paul teaches in the Book of I Timothy, chapter two, verses one and two, “I EXHORT (BEG!) therefore, that FIRST of all, supplications, prayers, intercessions, and giving of thanks, be made for all men; for kings, and for ALL that are in authority; that WE may lead a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and honesty.”  Did you see that?  That “WE” may lead a quiet and peaceable life in ALL godliness and honesty.  Since Satan enjoys causing people to fall down and ruin their lives, it would only stand to reason that he would far more enjoy seeing a person of leadership fall down and ruin their lives.  Therefore, Paul urges men everywhere to PRAY and to make INTERCESSIONS for those who are kings and those who are in authority.  I wonder how many of us pray each day for our President, senators, federal and state representatives, federal and state judges, governors, legislatures, mayors, city councilmen, and our own bosses and those who have authority over us?  I can truly attest and testify that down through the years I have called out my bosses’ and principals’ names to the Lord; for those who practiced servant-leadership and those who did not. Either way, it was and remains my responsibility to lift these men and women up to the Lord.  Today, you may be facing a boss or someone who is in authority over you who possesses a self-seeking, self-centered, selfish mindset.  What do you do?  You pray for them. Pray for heavenly guidance and wisdom to direct their path and their daily decisions. I have done this and witnessed tremendous changes over time.  Either the person having authority over me changed in their mindsets or God moved them out to another location or place to work.  Or, God moved me!  It didn’t happen overnight, but it did eventually happen with continued prayer and supplications.  Once, I had a person in authority over me who made fun of my “Christian” lifestyle. This person even referred to me as, “church-lady.”  Of course, I would just laugh it off and go about my business.  Several years later, after both he and I had moved to other work locations, we ran into each other.  The first thing he said to me was, “I want you to know that I am now in church, serving the Lord, and it feels pretty good.”  A few months after that, I attended a workshop where he was one of the speakers. When he stepped behind the podium, he gave his testimony and credited me for being an example in his life.  Wow!  All those years of being teased by this same person who was now standing before me and an audience full of people thanking me for my witness unto him.  Amazing.  See, we just never know what God can and will do in situations when we are obedient to “pray” first and allow God.  Once, when I was in my early twenties, I was even “asked” to consider changing my place of employment because I did not go with the other ladies, who also worked in the doctor’s office, on Wednesdays to a bar close by that sold drinks 1/2 price very Wednesday afternoon and night.  When I “chose” to eventually resign my position, the doctor feeling somewhat guilty because he knew I had done no wrong nor neglected my daily duties, gave me a personal check for $1,000.00 to hold me over until I found a new place to work! How surprising was that?!  To this date, the doctor still holds both me and my family in fondness of heart.  I still pray that someday he will come to know Christ Jesus as his personal Savior.  Leaders and those who are in leadership roles should not be taken lightly.  Even the Bible teaches us that it is God who raises up, and allows to fall, those in leadership roles. So, it is our responsiblity to pray for those in leadership; no matter their philosophy and mindset.  This also goes for those who are in ordained leadership roles within our churches and communities.  Today, I hope that we all will commit ourselves to more time in prayer and supplications for those who are our nation’s, state’s, and personal leaders.  Amen.

Remember, God Loves You!

Lin T. Rollins, Author


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