God Commendeth His Love

To me, one of the sweetest verses in the Bible can be found in the book of Romans, chapter five, verse eight: “But God commendeth his love toward us, in that, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.”  When I was younger and had not studied the Bible as much, I thought the verse read, God had “commanded” his love towards us.  But, as I got older and more knowledgeable of the Bible I realized that the two words, “commendeth” and “commanded” have quite different meanings.  The word “commanded” is an authoritative word meaning to have control over someone or over something; or to give a direct authoritative order to someone.  This is quite the opposite of the word, “commendeth” which means to reward, to commit, or to entrust something to someone. Wow!  What a difference the correct definition of a word can make in fully understanding the truth and value in a matter or concept.

God did not “command” his love towards us in a legal, militant, authoritative and harsh manner.  No; rather he rewarded, committed, and entrusted His love toward us.  Have you ever tried to “make” someone love you, or to think highly of you, or to pay attention to you?  It can become absolutely exhausting and nerve-racking to try to force your love upon someone when they do not wish to accept your love or return the love back to you.  Trying to force love upon someone can result in becoming paranoid, nervous, fearful, angry, depressed, frustrated, and even bitter when they do not receive nor reciprocate your love, kindness, and goodness. You might as well give-up and find someone else to lavish your love, affections, and attention.

God did not, nor does He, become frustrated with “trying” to make us Love him; instead, he whole-heartily “rewarded,” “committed,” and “entrusted” His love towards us while we were yet sinners incapable of loving Him in return; within our own power.

Yes, this is what we call Agape Love….God’s Love.  When I was twelve years old, I wrote my first Gospel song.  I loved sitting down at the piano and making up all kinds of different chords to play. Later, I started adding words to the different notes and chords until I was writing complete songs. “God’s Love” was the title that I gave to my first song. The chorus goes like this:  “God’s Love has found a new home; God’s Love has found a new home. I opened up my heart let God come in; God’s love has found a new home.” It’s a catchy little tune played in the key of “C.”

Even at twelve years old I knew that God’s love had moved inside of my heart resulting in my loving Him in return; and I still do after all of these years.  The reason some people cannot commit, reward, or entrust their love to someone else is because they have never fully received or accepted God’s Love towards them.  I believe God used the word, “commendeth” in this verse to show that He is the “Rewarder” to those who accept His love, and that  He freely “commits” (makes an unconditional commitment)  His Love towards us. And, once we have accepted and received His love, He fully “entrusts” His love unto us to show other and do good unto both Him and towards others.

What an amazing love, “God’s Love.”  The first verse of my song goes, “I walked those roads of sin not letting God’s Love within. I only thought of fun and games. Then, one cold winter’s day I heard a preacher man say, warm your soul by God’s love.”  Yes, it takes God’s love to warm our soul, heart, and mind before we can know how to fully love Him or others in return.

I’m so glad that God didn’t force his love upon me with an authoritative demonstration that I had no choice in the matter, but chose rather to reward, commit, and entrust His love first towards me and also towards you.

Today, if there is someone you love who is not reciprocating that love in return, ask yourself this question….Do you want to force your love upon them? Or,  rather reward, commit, and entrust your love in a gentle, kind, giving way and let the results be as they may?  That’s exactly what God did. He didn’t force His love upon us; he gave us a choice knowing full well that not all men would accept or reciprocate his love. 

Today, I pray that God’s Love has found a place in your own heart and that you no longer resist the Love that He rewarded, committed, and entrusted to you.  The Bible clearly teaches that we know that we have the Love of the Father (God) when we have Love one for another, “Beloved, let us love one another: for love is of God; and every one that loveth is born of God, and knoweth God” (John 4:7 KJV)…..

God’s Love is an amazing love….“But, God commendeth His Love toward us, in that, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.”  Amen; thank you Sweet Jesus.

Remember, God Loves You,

Lin T. Rollins, MEd. Author


4 thoughts on “God Commendeth His Love

  1. Thank God Because His Love intrusted,committed,rewarded his Love toward me and I accepted his love in my heart that JesusChrist died For me how sweet the name the name of Jesus

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