Wrinkled Shirts

Today, I posted on my FB wall how aggravated I became while unpackaging a couple of new dress shirts I had bought for my husband this past weekend.  Each time I thought I had removed all of the pins, cardboard, and tissue sheets I would find another one.  The process was starting to take too much of my time. It seemed to me as if the dress shirts were packaged as if they were atomic bombs that could endanger lives if dropped!  Surely, they could cut down on the cost of dress shirts if they did not spend a fortune on packaging!  After the shirts were finally “released” from their captive packaging, each one had at least a hundred wrinkles covering the front, back, and sleeves.  Now, off to the ironing board! For goodness sakes, you would think at the price I paid for these shirts that they would already be ironed and starched; and perhaps a maid service included to iron all of my other clothing to boot! Then, there is the price you pay for ties. My gosh…are these things made of virgin silk from virgin silkworms in China; hand sewed by a precious dear elderly Chinese widow woman sitting on the Great Wall of China?? You would think!! Since I seem to be on a row with the higher cost of men’s clothing….let’s discuss the infamous dress suit.  For the past twenty-five years, my husband has worn suits practically everyday of his life either as a pastor or working at the funeral home…all dark suits…black, dark navy, black, dark navy, black, dark navy…I love when he can wear something with color in it!  One or two purchased suits typically blows my budget for clothing for an entire year!  OMG, then there are men’s dress shoes.  To walk out of a shoe store or department store with a good pair of men’s dress shoes for under one-hundred dollars you have found, my friend, a bargain!  But, my husband has flat-feet and he is terribly “picky” when it comes to shoe wear. I usually end up getting impatient as he tries on the same style of BLACK shoe for the hundredth time! I usually smile and say, “Honey, while you are trying on shoes I think I’ll walk over to the ladies department.” Since he is getting out of having to escort me through the “dreaded” ladies’ apparel department, he waves me goodbye while never missing a beat at trying on the tenth pair of the same style black shoe! So, as he continues to seek out the same looking pair of shoes that he has in the closet at home, I happily escape to my side of the store!  So, how is it that men tend to complain when women go shopping for themselves or about the number of pairs of shoes we own? None of our everyday clothing costs the same as one of their dress shirts.  If you add up all of the cost for our daily, run around shoes, they would not cost the same as one pair of average men’s shoes.  So, ladies the next time you purchase a new men’s dress shirt be prepared to invest of both your time and energies into unpackaging and ironing the shirts!…..Unless, of course, you take your husband’s good shirts to the dry-cleaners… Yet, another added expense! LOL!

I hope today’s more-on-the-light-side blog brings a smile to your face.  Everything or everyday in life is not always glamorous or thrilling….Some days, like today, are just made up of the ordinary…And, I can certainly say I enjoy the ordinary days in my life!  Got to run…the buzzer on the dryer is calling!  See you tomorrow!

“A Merry heart doth good like a medicine…”Proverbs 17:22

Remember, God Loves You,

Lin T. Rollins, Author


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