My Home is a Mansion

My Home is a Mansion is the title of a song that our church choir used to sing many years ago.  Even though the song refers to our heavenly mansion, I believe we can live in a mansion within our own spirit.  I remember when I was a little girl my grandmother, a very godly and Christian woman filled with faith, once told me that Anywhere is Home as long as God is there. (Which is also a title to another old-time hymn.)  She should know. She lived in many different places, none overly attractive, while raising her eight daughters and living with my grandfather who was an old-time Baptist preacher. But, wherever she lived, she was at home because she was at peace with God.  I never heard her complain or “wish” for a better place to live.  Her dream home was wherever she was at the time. That’s not true for everyone I know. Some people seem to never be satisfied; no matter what. They are always in search of a better, bigger, newer place to call home. Over the years, I have learned to make the day whatever I wanted to make it.  And, it doesn’t take loads of extra money to do so.  It doesn’t have to be a holiday or special occasion for me to pull out my china for supper or to put my finer linens on the bed. I enjoy playing the radio with soft-light music and lighting candles as I do my house-hold chores.  It just makes the experience more pleasant. Why put off doing nice things for yourself and others to only once or twice a year?  Enjoy the day; enjoy the moment that you are presently living.  That’s what my husband and I are doing right now in our lives. I am recently retired and he has retired from being a pastor.  So, with our extra time, we are enjoying the moment at hand.  Thus, I created a back yard oasis filled with scented candles (on sale at Michael’s!) and tiki lights placed amongst my flowers. We are enjoying our time together and to me, My Home is my Mansion!  Today, you can make life whatever you wish for it to be.  I know we all have and face problems and concerns, but we have to remember that God knows all of these things, as well.  So, like my grandmother said, “Anywhere is home as long as God is there…”  With God in our hearts and lives, we can all live in a mansion! I pray that you have joy in your day.

Remember, God loves you,

Lin T. Rollins


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