The Greatest Nation Ever

Even though July 4th is not until Monday, I can’t help but reflect upon what a great nation we have been blessed to live. Ample resources, natural and man-made, beautiful mountains and breath-taking beaches, golden grass lands, cities, towns, communities, families, schools, businesses, and churches.  Every where we look we are surrounded by the goodness and mercies of God.  But, as we all know it’s not like that for everyone who lives on planet Earth. Many people, adults and children alike, struggle each day to find fresh water and food supplies.  Many go to bed hungry and may never awake the next morning. At the moment, I am reminded of the thousands of missionaries who give up their bountiful blessings here in the wonderful USA to travel far and wide to minister to those less fortunate.  I have friends who are missionaries and I thank God for their undying faithfulness to God’s call upon their lives.  How blessed we are to be a nation that sends so many missionaries around the world to aid and comfort souls, as well as the spreading of the Gospel of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ (Matthew 28: 19-20).  Today, as we begin celebrations across our land giving thanks and honor to those men and women, our Founding Fathers who possessed courage, wisdom, hard work, determination and the giving of their lives to start a new nation under God, let’s also take time to be mindful and thankful for the many missionaries on foreign soils who are serving God and those who are less fortunate than you and me.  Also, it would not be right for me not to mention our brave and courageous men and women who are serving in our nation’s military all over the globe….Dear Jesus, God Bless the USA.

Remember, God Loves You,

Lin T. Rollins, Author


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