Betrayed and Rejected

I am almost certain that I’m not the only person who has ever felt betrayed by people; including both friends and family. I think it just happens, but you wonder why and for what purpose; after all, none of us are perfect.  Being a retired teacher and pastor’s wife, I was faced with lots of challenges in dealing with people; some good; some not so good. But, long before becoming a wife, mother, and pastor’s wife, I was a child just like each of you. I remember the first episodes of feeling betrayed and rejected…the infamous school playground! I nearly hated seeing recess come around each day. I was small for my age, so I was always the last one picked to play tag, dodge ball, or Red Rover, Red Rover…send so and so right over. I hated those games; I could never win and even worse was when all the other kids had been chosen, there I stood being placed, by the teacher, on whichever team had the least number of kids. I could never run fast enough to make it to the swings, so I hardly ever got to swing.  Then, there was the fifty-foot high sliding board. Of course, it was probably not four feet off the ground, but when I finally reached the top and looked down it felt as if I was fifty-foot off the ground! The first time I slid down the board I didn’t know how to stop myself with my feet, so I landed totally on my butt knocking the breath out of me. The teacher had to run over and help me get up. Of course, a bunch of mean boys stood there laughing; don’t you hate that kind of stuff! I’m not sure I ever got back on that sliding board again! So, thus life begins, and as it turns out the playground is a pretty good place to practice for what lies ahead! There are always the “mean” people who stand around laughing when you fail at something, there are always those who can reach the swings faster, or those who seem to always be chosen first and succeed at everything they do. Wow! But, for those of us who find life a little more challenging, I think we develop a deeper sense of understanding and compassion. Betrayal and Rejection hurts; no matter how young or old we are. I am reminded that Jesus, too, was betrayed and rejected by his closest friends and family. I, sometimes, talk to Him (in prayer) about this because I know He knows how I feel.  And, He knows how you feel when it happens to you or to one of your loved ones, as well. Believe me when I say that I have been rejected and betrayed at all levels in life; by family, by classmates, by peers, by neighbors, and by church members.  It would take far too long to describe each incident; but they were real and the pain from each of them was just as real. Today, you may be facing rejection and betrayal in your own life by someone; even someone you had confidence. Talk to Jesus and remind Him that He knows how it feels to be rejected and betrayed. Let His hands help to wipe the tears from your eyes and to settle your broken heart. After all, one day maybe it’ll be you making it to the swings first, being first chosen on a team, sliding down that old sliding board in confidence. But, just remember when you do, stop and look around to see if someone else is being left out, rejected or betrayed.  If so; pause to remember how it feels. After all, the best way to use life’s experiences is to help others who may be facing the same thing!

Remember, God Love You.

Lin T. Rollins, Author

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