And, Thou Our Potter

It would be hard to try to convince a believer that God does not enjoy variety in his creation. There are innumberable species of animals and plants and no two days are ever exactly alike.  We live in a world surrounded by multiplicity.  Even in our own homes, no two rooms are decorated exactly the same. We tend to decorate the rooms in our homes according to their purpose and function. Have you ever thought about how God designed you for a specifi purpose and function? No two human beings are exactly the same; not even identical twins. God did not make us to be “cookie-cut.” However; he did make us all to blend into his purposes, plans, and functions. Today, you may be having difficulties with someone who is very extreme from the way you view things in life. This person may appear to be radical in his or her interests and idealogies. But, God has a purpose for everyone’s life. Our main purpose is to love and honor God with our whole hearts, mind, and soul. Even when someone’s views and mannerisms are drastically different from our own,  we can share a common interest of Faith in God through Christ Jesus. Through faith, we can be assured that God is working out his plan and purpose for both of our lives. In the book of Isaiah chapter 64 and verse 8, Isaiah writes, “But now, O LORD, thou art our father; we are the clay, and thou our Potter; and we ALL are the work of thy hand.” Today, pray to have peace in your heart towards that one person to whom you may be struggling and remember God is doing a work in ALL of our lives.

Remember, God loves you.

Lin T. Rollins, Author


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